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Dinner Recommendations in the Valley

I just started school in Northridge, and am looking for some inexpensive dinner options in or around that area. Northridge, Encino, Granada Hills, Chatsworth, etc. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I haven't been there yet myself, but everyone here likes Brent's Deli in Northridge.

    1. My territory dude.....Here's what I like:
      Indian - Punjab Palace- Nordhoff West 1 block beyond tampa South side (behind Guitar Center and across from the Northridge Mall). Great buffet all the time
      Pita Pita (I think) across the street in the Von's shopping center - shwarma, falafel, etc. Yum!
      Thai Chili House - Nordhoff/Lindley in the strip mall -lunch and dinner specials (by Cupids)
      Also can try the Korean market at the corner of Reseda and Devonshire -Galleria Market. They have a Koren style salad bar, Korean sushi and a great bakery.I haven''t tried any of the food stalls - seemes a bit $$$
      I also like Greenfield Market (used to be Hang Kook) on the corner of Sherman Way and White Oak. They have cooked foods. I buy the fish covered in scambled egg to go with Korean black beans and garlicy cucs. They also have salads but, no longer self serve. - Try the octopus salad! It's ta die for
      The Indian restaurant in the same corner as Galleria is also good- Village Tandoor - I just like Punjab better. There's also Honeybaked next door -For your ham and turkey sammy
      Chili My Soul is at the corner of Tampa and Ventura- On your way back to Encino...
      Rosie's BBQ - take out: Topanga and Devonshire on Topanga, Sit In: Tampa and Nordhoff on Tampa SE of Nordhoff
      Hubby loves the 1.50$ hot Dogs at Costco - also at the same center as Rosie's sit in.
      Then the all time fav of CSUN students is this little sushi shop on Reseda at Devonshire E side next to Goodwill. I like it too! Great cheap sushi and other food stuffs.
      Look for a new Korean shop opening soon on Devonshire at reseda E side.
      Good Luck at CSUN (I'm working on my M.S. there)
      Oh, yeah and Brent's but that's Corbin and Parthenia - a little west...Oh, and....if you're traveling up/down Tampa, there's the ever so yummy Shamshiri at Tampa and Roscoe.
      Happy eating :) KQ

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        One correction. Chili My Soul is on the corner of Balboa and Ventura in the shopping center with the Smart and Final.

        1. For quality Mexican food, Carrillo's deli on Sherman Way at Corbin, just west of Smart & Final in that center. Hand made tortillas, the best guacamole, rellenos, etc. Beverages are quite tasty also.

          1. Hit the nearest ethnic market or store, such as vallarta or an asian supermarket.

            Also, in chatsworth, you can stuff yourself at Woodland Pure Veggie indian buffet for $9.95

            1. I also live in the area. Falafel Palace on Reseda at Prairie has good falafel and those kind of foods. I also enjoy the tri tip at Outdoor Grill in the large shopping center on the Northwest corner of Reseda and Devonshire near the Outback .

              1. Mandarin Deli at Reseda and Prairie has wonderful dumplings, pancakes and soups. A & W Seafood across from Mandarin Deli does decent Dim Sum. Across from A & W to the south is Emle's, which does a good breakfast (I'm told by reliable sources). Vegetable Delight on Chatsworth near Zelzah does delicious all-vegetable cuisine. It's not for everyone because of the non-meat thing, but my carnivore of a husband loves their food. Les Sisters in Chatsworth for soul food, and that Mexican place across Devonshire from Les Sisters -the name escapes me at the moment- has that good chili dip and pretty okay Mexican food.

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                  The Mexican place you are thinking of is Los Toros. Easily the best Maragarita-dumbed down Mexican food type place in the Valley. As for Soul Food I would much rather make the trek to the other side of the Valley to Moms BBQ *Vanowen and Hazletine in Van Nuys* better sides and more authentic and tasty than Les Sisters.

                2. e&e on the northeast corner of of reseda and nordhoff (second floor, above panda express) is a japanese eatery that offers discounts if you flash your student i.d.

                  1. Also try Casa De Pizza on Mission San Fernando and Woodley. We have been taking out for almost 20 years (hole in the wall location better for take out than sit down imo) and a few of their pizzas are among my all time favs.

                    1. Woodlands in Chatsworth offers great lunch buffet; entirely vegetarian southern Indian faire.

                      Going a little further east, I like Las Fuentes in Reseda. You're also not too far from Pho So 1, one of my favorite Vietnamese places, also in Reseda.

                      1. I second Emle's at 9250 Reseda across from A&W, Mandarin Deli and Falafel Palace. Very underrated and unmentioned. They have all kinds of foods at low prices. Its open 7am til 8 or 9pm.

                        1. Mandarin Deli in Northridge for yummy noodles under $10
                          Sandwich Express in Reseda for Vietnamese sandwiches, 12 inch sandwiches on a baguette for under $3

                          1. Italia Bakery & Deli on Balboa and San Fernando Mission. Great Meatball sandwiches and classic italian deli case favorites: cheeses, olives, all the cured pork you could want... fresh baked bread.

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                              Italia is one of the best surprises in the valley, their sandwiches are sooooooo good!

                            2. Northridge is my stomping grounds so, here goes...
                              Omino in Chatsworth for Sushi (not inexpensive but very good - sit by Jun), Brent's Deli in Northridge, Pine Tree in Northridge for Korean BBQ, Les Sisters in Chatsworth for Soulfood, Buenas Aires Grill in Northridge for Argentinian Grill, Alessio in Northridge for (Nice) Italian or even Maria's is decent (Reseda and Nordhoff) and A&W (Reseda btwn Nord and Plummer) does decent Dim Sum ...
                              also, worthy of mention in Encino/Tarzana (Ventura and White Oak area) is Cafe Carolina - organic Italian, very casual, BYOB - small and yummy... Versaille (Cuban food) on Ventura in Encino, Falafel Palace on Reseda is cheap and good...Dos Arbolitos (Granada Hills) - it is a dive but delicious .. as for great cheap Italina deli, try the place at Balboa and SF Mission in the corner by the Trader Joe's-- The Galleria Market food court (Dev & Reseda) is also good for cheap, quick asian food (mostly Korean)

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                                It took a while, but Dos Arbolitos has supplanted Las Fuentes as my favorite Mexican food in the Valley. The carnitas are still superior at Las Fuentes, but the pozole, the tacos al pastor and the carne asada burritos are better at DA.

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                                  I agree 100% DA is Just plain good.. Not too greasy and lots of flavor especially the pozole , albondigas and al pastor!!
                                  (818) 891-6661
                                  9034 Woodley Ave
                                  North Hills, CA 91343