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Feb 2, 2007 05:45 PM

Best bagel in East Village?

Anything comparable to H&H?

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  1. David's Bagels, on First Ave (just south of 14th), is by far the best bagel in the East Village (and quite possibly all of New York). It blows away the H&H version, which has gone way downhill in the past decade.

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      1. re: magfitz

        yeap, David's, get whatever is fresh and still hot. Wow I miss those bagels, and living in the EV :(

    1. david's is great. also good is the bagel zone, on avenue a around 3rd street. they've got a lot of nice things on the menu, and it's a much more pleasant/full-service kind of place than david's if you want to eat in. if you don't mind going a bit further uptown, then check out ess-a-bagel on 1st ave & 18th.

      1. I go to Bagel Bob's on University & 9th only because it's closer to me than David's.

        1. correction: ess-a-bagel is at 21st and 1st, not 18th as i said above.

          1. Head over to University. Bagel Bob's is the best and great bialys too.