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Feb 2, 2007 05:45 PM

Duck Confit

Does anyone know where I can find duck confit in Upper Westchester? Whole Foods used to carry the prodcut but I haven't found it there the last two three times I went.

Any help is appreciated.


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  1. Who's Cooking in Croton Falls and Trader Joes both carry Duck Confit, D' artagnan brand. However, call first to make sure its in stock.

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    1. If you strike out there and can wait for a delivery try I have had very good luck at this place. Service is good, prices are very reasonable and the product is very tasty. The Confit they offer is duck leg and you actually get two legs and two thighs per package. Very nice herb flavour to the meat. Re pricing, they are much better than D'artagnan. In fact even when you add on the shipping they are competitive to buying directly from the one store in our area that carries confit.

      Good Luck

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      1. re: Jambalaya

        ok, I'll order from there just to try. I will also attemp to make my own. Wish me luck

      2. I casually picked up a SIX DOLLAR duck confit leg from D'Artagnan the other day. YIKES.


        1. I think I've seen this at Food Emporium as well.

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          1. re: MisterBill2

            Thanks. Which Food Emporium if I may ask?

            1. re: grimaud

              Yorktown but I'd imagine that they all have it.

          2. I did have success making my own duck confit this weekend. I added nothing, just put five legs (incl thighs) in a crockpot, they were obiously very fatty but so are all duck legs, I left them on low for about five hours. Worked like a charm and I save the melted fat for another occasion.