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Feb 2, 2007 05:12 PM

Seek recommendations for AUTHENTIC, really tasty, CANTONESE restaurant

As I grew up in San Francisco, most Chinese food was Cantonese. Ever since moving to the Los Angeles area, I have yet to find an outstanding Cantonese style restaurant. I especially miss the eggrolls, which are different from the common spring rolls served throughout the Los Angeles area. The eggrolls I grew up with were large, always cut into six to eight pieces, with a slightly thicker covering than that used in either spring rolls or lumpia (yes, I know that is Filipino), and stuffed not only with vegetables but with meat. Traditionally, they were served with hot mustard and a red sauce which resembled catsup but was not. I never saw that clear-ish gel-like sweet red sauce served with spring rolls until I came to Los Angeles.

I also miss the fried prawns. These were really giant - not like the typical fried prawns served here. I don't know whether that was due to fishing in the Bay Area, or just a difference in local preferences between Northern and Southern California. The coating was always very light and fluffy, yet crunchy. Again, these were served with hot mustard and that slightly sweet red sauce which resembled catsup.

Cantonese seasoning is more flavorful to me than Mandarin. There is such a large Chinese population here, that I'm sure there must be at least one great Cantonese restaurant, as well as many good ones. I live in the San Gabriel Valley, and so would prefer something close by. However, I'm more than willing to travel to the other side of the county for something scrumptious. Any recommendations out there? Thanks!!

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  1. First of all, welcome to the San Gabriel Valley. IMHO, I think this is the best place in the Los Angeles area for chowing.

    I have never had those egg rolls you described, even though I lived in SF for a number of years. It seems to me that such egg rolls would be the New York-style egg rolls that a number of L.A chowhounders have been trying to locate for a some time (with mixed-success). The fried prawns are also typical of old-style, Cantonese-American fare. You might find this thread useful:

    There aren't too many places that serve Cantonese-American fare. This thread has some information that you might find useful:

    I've compiled some mini-restaurant reviews for the San Gabriel Valley; it covers more than Chinese food:

    Happy chowing!

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      Thank you for your answer and all the effort you put into it. I'm especially grateful as yours has been the only answer, thus far. The description of New York-style egg rolls sounds exactly like those with which I grew up. Those descriptions were better than mine. Ironically, it may be that I also grew up with New York-style pizza in San Francisco. I base that impression on pizza descriptions I've received from New Yorkers. All I know is that we ordered pizza from Pauline's Pizza on Mission Street, in the Mission District. Paulino was an Italian immigrant who made a scrumptious pizza, the likes of which no one in my family has found once Paulino retired. His daughter opened another pizza place on Valencia which, although VERY good, didn't quite reach her dad's level.

      Anyway, thanks again for your thoughtfulness. Hope to hear from you again some time in the future.