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Feb 2, 2007 05:05 PM

Home Smoking

I bought a Cook Shack, Smokette a few weeks ago and have been floored by the results. Planning on making and smoking some boudin next week, smoked a wild venison shank last week, chickens and brisket… you get the idea. Anyway, Cook Shack has a great website but does not get the number of hits that my beloved chowhound does. Plus, the Cook Shack site tends to skew a bit meat-ish (nothing wrong with that but I want to do more) Anyway, I smoked some fresh local garlic, key limes from the tree in my yard and jalapenos from the store. The garlic and peppers did amazing things for some Rancho Gordo (great online resource) Scarlet Runner Beans that I made a low sodium version of for my grandmother who cat take the salt. So yeah, I am looking for ideas about a closed electric smoker. I currently have cherry, hickory, walnut and pecan wood. Thoughts?

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  1. the equivelant of chowhound for que:

    1. frankiii, I have a Smokette and an AmeriQue (the Smokette is kept at our country place). Have you tried fish yet? My absolute favourite is salmon, but I've also done black cod (sablefish).

      For the salmon, I take a whole side of salmon (a whole 2-3 pound fillet, skin-on), and brush it with a glaze made of Dijon mustard, maple syrup, ancho chili powder, salt and pepper. Place it on a rack in the smoker and cook at 200F for 90 minutes, with an ounce of hickory. It is incredible served hot or cold. I often serve it with a tarragon caper sauce.

      Give some beef ribs a try, too. Use your favourite dry rub and cook at 225F for 5 hours. I used apple wood the other day, but prefer hickory. You can finish the ribs off with some barbecue sauce on the grill or under the broiler.

      Have fun smokin'! Aren't those Cookshack forum guys a hoot?

      1. Smoked key limes sound interesting -- what do you do with them?

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          i minced a whole one and put it in a pot of beans.tasty

        2. Have you taken a look at the bbq faq? It's better than any smoking reference I've ever found, complete with techniques, recipes and pointers to other sources of information.

          Have fun!

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            Thanks a lot, just what I was looking for!