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Feb 2, 2007 04:55 PM

Former Shimo Sushi (Clement) Chefs Where are you?

Hello, I thought I would solicit the help of my fellow Chowhounders. I love Shimo sushi on Clement Street in San Francisco, however its quite a trek from Palo Alto. I recently heard from Shimo directly that two of his former sushi chefs, Tom, and I forgot the other persons name, he was a portly fellow, salt and pepper hair with a Japanese wife, had opened up sushi restaurants in San Jose and San Mateo respectively. I thought it impolite to question Shimo further as to the locations of the new restaurants so now I am asking the help of you all in my quest.


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  1. I heard the same thing too. The portly salt and pepper hair guy is Taiwanese, but speaks cantonese too. Tom must be the younger fellow, kind of skinny. Another guy Mark? went to work for some car dealer, and another asian young guy went into the police academy, should be finished by now.

    Sorry i don't know where exactly they went...

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      Poor Shimo, he doesn't seem to take any days off since his experienced sous sushi chef's left, even his son was helping to fill in. Yup, your right Tom was the younger guy. I saw Mark a few months ago eating at Shimo's, at first I thought I was mistaken. Still searching for Tom and the portly Taiwanese guy's sushi restaurants.

      1. re: stanfordfoodie

        Tom I heard is doing well having his own place in San Jose. As for the Taiwanese guy, I heard he did not do that well, and is back working for Shimo San. I saw the son there too, he kinna disappears around 9'ish...haha, I guess that happends when you are the boss' son. Meal as always was excellent.

        1. re: badbatzmaru

          Thanks for the update!! I didn't see the Taiwanese guy during my last few visits. By any chance do you know the name and address of Tom's place in San Jose?

    2. The original comment has been removed