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Feb 2, 2007 04:17 PM

Intelligentsia Coffee Opening in Silver Lake!

Just read about this on another food blog and am very excited. Mr Suebee spent eight years in Chicago, Intelligentsia's home, and had the pleasure of enjoying it in some of Chicago's finest restaurants. They just won Roast Magazine's 2007 Roaster of the Year.

Word is they're opening up at Sunset Junction next to the Cheese Store. Parking's a pain, but we'll face it for a cup of Intelligensia joe. Carter, any other details?

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    1. It will be a wecome addition to the neighborhood!!
      ...especially since Pazzo uses Intelligensia beans but makes one of the worst espressos. They really know how to take a good bean and screw it up completely.

      Blair's cafe uses intelligensia beans and they pull a pretty good latte on their La Marzocco.

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        i had an espresso at pazzo a few months ago and my opinion was the same as yours -- what a waste of good coffee. but i was in there again today and took my chances on another espresso. i asked for a short pull. was it great? no. but it wasn't bad. especially when you consider what's out there as far as espresso is concerned. (i wish they'd get rid of those pasquini espresso cups. way too big to preserve heat and crema.) hey, but their gelato is pretty good!

      2. There are so many ways to screw up good beans and while I firmly believe there are better espresso roasts than Intelligensia, Pazzo screws it up in a number of ways. Freshness of bean, freshness of grind, dosing of water, tamping of espresso, extraction of espresso and if you're having lattes, correct steaming of name but six ways....

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