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Sunday Brunch

Looking for great brunch spot in LA to take a Manhattanite

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  1. Have you considered the brunch buffet at Duke's in Malibu? They're supposed to have great views, which is a plus for out-of-towners.

    1. jar has a great brunch--been twice, awesome both times.
      joe's on abbot kinney is also very good for sat or sun brunch.
      jar was mellow
      joe's was mellow on sat and hopping on sun

      1. I second the Joe's rec.
        Campanile also has a great brunch.

        1. I enjoy the brunch at the Odyssey restaurant in Granada Hills. The food is ok and the views of the Valley are great.

          1. I've only been Jar once and thought it was pretty awful...seriously, how can you make pork taste bland (it's in their version of eggs benedict)? The service was atrocious too.

            1. How about Geoffry's in Malibu. Awesome view.

              1. Maybe try the Pedals cafe, its in the Shutters hotel on the beach in Santa Monica at the very end of Pico blvd. Pretty reasonably priced, great food, and you're feet away from the beach afterwards. Only downside is that they only take reservations from hotel guests, so if you decide to go, plan accordingly. The One Pico restaraunt upstairs is also a good choice, but a bit pricier for more or less the same menu (the two share the same kitchen I believe).

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                  I just wrote up my thoughts on brunch at Pedals ... I'd cut and paste it here but it's just too long. The short of it is, if you have someone in from out of town and you want to show them that beachy beautiful LA lifestyle, you can't go wrong with Shutters.



                2. The Grill at Hollywood & Highland has what I consider to be the best brunch around. It's around $28 per person, including champagne cocktails (unlimited, I think). It comes with some delicious scones and other baked products, fruit and an entree, plus dessert. Great deal, when you think about it. Plus, the food is to die for. I'm always torn between the lobster benedict (I never liked benedict before this one) and the filet and eggs. And the food is so abundant that two could even share.


                  1. Axe on Abbot Kinney in Venice for something delicious, healthy, hip and a little less traditional.