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Feb 2, 2007 04:10 PM

cheap and good in san francisco

I'm a college student looking for some inexpensive spots to eat during my vacation in san francisco next week, cafe's and deli's included. Also, any places with a view of the city?

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  1. There have been at least two threads on this topic (cheap eats/bargain bites) active on this board within the past two weeks. If you scroll down thru the last 100-150 items, you should be able to find them.

    For starters, check out:

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      Here's a 33-post topic started three weeks ago that's pretty up to date on cheap and good:

      The Chronicle (SF Gate) list is unreliable. Has some good places, misses others, and includes some better avoided.

    2. Tu Lan Baby!

      On 6th at Market - crazy good Vietnamese - looks run down....keeps the riff raff out...

      Taqueria Cancun - 19th and Mission

      Saigon Sandwich - Larkin

      You can grub down at any of these places for less than $10

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        Tu Lan. Love that place. Get the Cha Gio Bun. Heavenly.

        Don't be afraid of the neighborhood. It does indeed keep out the pretenders.

      2. Mastrelli's Deli - Cozy Italian Deli with excellent sandwiches including a killer hot pressed meatball sandwich in the Ferry Building.

        Goood Frikin Chickken - Juicy Rotisserie chicken meals and a full Jordanian menu. Casual sit down or to-go in the Mission.

        Bi-Rite Creamery - Delicious ice cream flavors in the Mission.

        Yee's - Casual and CHEAP chinese food in Chinatown. Mostly elderly Chinese, but then you know the food is good!

        1. I'd separate search for a view and search for food.
          There are a few neightborhoods with a bias toward ethnic food
          that have many, many cheep and good places ... as long as you
          have reasonable expectations, e.g. sushi is likely to be expensive.

          Some places to look are:
          --the mission [especial for mexican, central american foods]
          --the richmond [deem sum, chinese, thai etc]
          --the tenderloin [a so-so neighborhood but walkable from "downtown"]
          aka the tandooriloin for indian/pakistani places, thai, also contain
          the "little saigon" area with many vietnamese and pho, bahn mi operations

          --avoid fishing for food in fisherman's wharf. on weekends/afterhours there isnt
          much street life downtown.

          the mission is one of you best bets ... you can bart or muni or walk there and walk
          around and go to dolores park, ritual roasters, get a burrito or tacos, have a drink,
          people watch etc. i personally would pick the richmond [clement street area] or
          teh 24 or valencia corridor to the haight or north beach ... places some others
          might suggest.

          a sort of a secret item few san franciscans get to try is the $5.50 rosamunde
          super tuesday lunch only burger which you can eat in a bar next door with a
          fine beer selection.

          1. There's a great view of the city from the top of Dolores Park on Dolores and 18th--20th Streets. Lots of places to get a sandwich or stuff to make your own picnic are nearby. Dolores Park Cafe, Bi Rite Market (not so cheap unless you're careful, but really good), Good place for sandwiches on the corner of 18th and Church, though I can't remember what it's called.