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Feb 2, 2007 03:49 PM

Where to buy Salt Cod or Bacalao

Anyone with a recommendation on where I could purchase dried salt cod in SF?

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  1. Not quite SF but the Delano's IGA in mill valley has salt cod.

    1. How much do you need? Lucca Ravioli has the good stuff but you might have to buy quite a few pounds since they cut from the tail end up (the tail end is drier and doesn't have too much meat).

      22nd and Irving market usually has a lower grade and smaller pieces.

      1. I remember buying some at Molinari's on Columbus.

        1. I know that Whole Foods in San Diego has it, they might have it up north. I am sure that you could find it at on of the Deli's in North Beach.

          Contact Graceann Walden, she knows everything about food, she will know where to find it.

          1. Lucca Ravioli, on Valencia at 22nd Street has it in big pieces of high quality.