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Feb 2, 2007 03:44 PM

college spring break in paris

Two college students going to Paris in March for spring break. We are on a mission to taste some of the best that Paris has to offer in terms of foodstuffs. However, we're not filthy rich so money is an issue. We're searching for recommendations for where to go to get delicious baguettes and macarons. What other food is can't miss in Paris? Someone told me gelato but I thought that was Italian? Falafels? And restaurant recs for nice dinners? Maybe we'll splurge on one or two more expensive dinners (Are there good places for $75 or less a person?) and the rest can be more reasonable priced. If anyone has any suggestions for where to go and places to see that would be wonderful as well as estimates for how much things will cost. Thanks so much! Oh! And where to go for good drinks and fun nightlife? Merci!

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  1. excellent falafel in Marais which is great option if in Paris on a Sunday. I'll doublecheck the name but most will recommend this same one. It is on Rue Rossier (sp) filling and affordable.
    Sadly the macaroons everyone raves about are quite good but also expensive. Delicious bagettes actually are almost everywhere. We stayed in 8th and there is a great bakery Keyser on Mallesherbres (sp) a few blocks from St Augustin. Wine in a Monoprix food store is quite reasonable and very good shouldn't have to spend much more than 4Euro!!! The Ice Cream that is worth pursuing is high quality, unusual flavors small serving not cheap - but a must try Berthillion (sp) on the smaller island connected to Notre Dame.
    Seek out the actual Ice Cream shop as many cafes and bistros along the way serve their product. check out Centre Pompideau, climb the Arc, D'Orsay museum, Pere Lechaise cemetery, look into apartments so you can grocery shop and eat at "home" it's cheaper and if you're a foodie the stores are a great experience. interesting yogurt flavors! cereals with chocolate shavings. I'll check back as I think of more

    1. The falafel place is called L'As du Falafel. Make sure to order the 'falafel special'. It's a sandwich chock full of falafel and all the fixings.

      Another suggestion is crepes from street vendors...sweet and savory. Just make sure to go to someone who is making them fresh. If you see a stack of them already made, find another person. It make such a difference when they are fresh. At the corner of St. Michel and St. Germain, near the Haagen Dazs place, there are two guys that make them up fresh, and you'll always see a line of students. Both guys are great. That's also another tip, go where you see lots of students. Generally those places will be good and cheap!

      Also, if you do want to splurge on a nice meal...I would suggest trying some of the nicer restaurants at lunch time. It's generally cheaper.

      The Boulangerie Monge is supposed to have really great baguettes!

      1. L'As du Falafel really is the best thing I've eaten...ever...

        1. oh, also, for a real "experience," have a hot chocolate at angelina's on rue du rivoli. it's an institution. in fact, the last time i was there, catherine deneuve was having a coffee two tables away.

          1. For a real experience, get a sandwich grec after rolling out of a club at 5 am.