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Feb 2, 2007 03:06 PM

Vancouver Bread

We will be stopping by Vancouver for two days on our way to a week of skiing at Silverstar. Have reservations at Parkside and can't wait...

But I'm looking to source a few items before we head to the hills... In Seattle I get a fantastic Rosemary Diamtina bread that we make turkey sandwiches on.... Does anybody on Granville Island, Kits, West End, Commercial Street make a good rosemary bread ? Or, what is the best bread bakery ?

Thanks !!!


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  1. I would highly recommend Terra Breads. They do a lovely Rosemary Olive Oil loaf among many others. They have a location at Granville Island (in the market) and one on West 4th between Vine & Balsam (across from the Safeway).

    1. Terra makes this thin crispy focaccia with apples and rosmary that is worth the trip to Vancouver. it is an amazing bakery.

      1. I agree re the focaccia but has anyone else felt that Terra's loaves were getting a bit smaller and the rosemary a bit less obvious?

        1. The original comment has been removed