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Feb 2, 2007 02:52 PM

help: metallic cupcake liners, paper lining that?

I've got these metallic cupcake cups, and each one is lined with paper. Do I put the batter into the paper, and leave that one inside the metallic? Or do I put the batter into the metallic, and ditch the paper?

I know, this is a really ridiculous question.


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  1. Not a ridiculous question. I'm dying for the actual answer myself. I have done it both ways, and found bothe worked...

    BTW, I know one family that used the papers... and threw away the foil cups.

    1. Ditch the paper - your cupcakes will stick much less to the metallic liners. Just be careful, they cook a little faster in the metal ones than the paper.

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        I use both because I hate to waste anything, but agree with macrogal that the foil is much less likely to stick. Just watched an episode of Barefoot Contessa where she flattened out the paper liners and used them as paper doily-type containers for these outrageous pecan bars made with 9 sticks of butter. I am sick just thinking about it.

        BTW, how the *&^$% do you spell doily? Doiley?

        1. re: Junie D

          Junie, what do you think those pecan bars would taste like? I have a good friend who is a pecan grower and I have a ton in my freezer. You think those are sickeningly sweet or too greasy?

          1. re: mrsmegawatt

            Actually, I suspect they are delicious. It's just that over two pounds of butter in any one cookie recipe seems wrong, IMO. I think the recipe also called for 2 pounds of pecans, so you could use up a lot. If you try them, please report back!

            1. re: Junie D

              but it made a whole half sheet of bars, which were humungous, and she cut in half. So probabbly not much more than a typical shortbread type cookie.

          2. re: Junie D

            You were right -- it is doily. plural = doilies

        2. i'm glad someone else asked this question, for years now I wasn't sure, so I have quite a stash of white paper doileys too!

          1. A woman who used to bake heroic numbers of cupcakes for school bake sales said that they were for people who didn't have muffin tins or not enough muffine tins. The foil cups will stand up on their own on a baking sheet. Then you pop out the cupcake in the paper liner. You can reline it with another paper liner. You get a few uses out of them before they get greasy and soft and you have to pitch them. They aren't washable.

            1. The foil outer paper is so you can make cupcakes if you happen to be without a cupcake pan. I've never tried to bake directly in them though. Less sticking would be great....

              I like the looks of this popover pan:

              which yields these: