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Feb 2, 2007 02:47 PM

San Luis Obispo - Chow & Lodging

My wife and I would like to experience the Coast Starlight from LA staying in SLO for the night and returning the following day - probably during the week. There are plenty of things to choose from on the internet, but it is times like this that recommendations are precious.
We prefer B&B's. Anything good within walking distance of the train station? What is the best restaurant for that one special evening?

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  1. Please do discuss the restaurant scene in SLO, but lodging will be out of scope for this board.


    1. the madonna inn is about a mile or so from the station. grab a cab, spend the night in the cave room. have dinner at the steak house, breakfast at the copper cafe.

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        Be warned that Madonna Inn has very retro food - it is like a steakhouse that hasn't updated their menu or presentation since the 60s. It also has a bizarre touch. If it were me, I would only go there to gape and MAYBE for dessert.

        I agree with the Park Restaurant recommendation. It couldn't be closer to the train station - it is within stumbling distance, really.

      2. The Park Restaurant (which is actually by the train station) is outstanding. The atmosphere is very subdued and the food is all well-prepared. The emphasis is on local, quality provisions. The chef/owner refers to it as "California rustic" cuisine.
        Another good place is Calago on Marsh St. in the downtown area. The food is very good and well presented. The restaurant is in an old house and could use some decorating help but the food is very good.

        1. Garden Street --just steps away from several decent downtown restaurants. It is about 1/2 mile walk from the train station (which is in a residential neighborhood bordered by commercial). Starlight gets in mid to late afternoon.SLO is very walkable if the weather is nice. Safe and charming. Downtown can be noisy at night--it's a college town and there are a couple dozen bars.

          Petit Soleil. Great coffee across the street at Outspoken. Splash Cafe is right next door for b'fast, lunch and dinner. Popolo Tuscan-style carry out bistro food is a block away. Downtown dining is 4 blocks.

          1. I'd second Garden Street. You get breakfast included.