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Feb 2, 2007 02:38 PM

Cheap and good in Pasadena

Looking for something interesting in Pasadena, for a cheap, quick bite to eat. We're talking very low-end here; already done The Hat, Zankou, Roscoes, Hawaiian BBQ...
Any other ideas?

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  1. How about McCormick's for happy hour? Cheeseburgers, chicken wings, and many other appetizers starting at $1.95 with drink order. You can order soda with that.

    1. If you're willing to drive a little west to Eagle Rock, I'd recommend Oinkster for fast and pretty relatively cheap.

      1. Try Father Nature's on DeLacey between Union and Colorado... they serve all kinds of great lavash wraps...

        1. In Old Town, there's not much that fits the bill anymore. You could go for Lucky Baldwin's or Saladang, just south of Old Town. If you can get a seat at the bar (only 9 seats), the Shabu Shabu at Shaab (on Raymond, next to Xiomara) is pretty good, and cheap.

          Wait, a couple more:

          All India Cafe on Fair Oaks south of Colorado is good. So is Kansai, the noodle house across the street.

          And if Kuala Lumpur is open (Green Street, just east of Delacey), they have nice Malaysian food in an uninspiring room.

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            RIP Kuala Lumpur...(sob!). Gone over a month now.

            Central Park Cafe isn't DIRT cheap (for dinner at least) but it's reasonable and 'way pleasant. 200 block of S. Fair Oaks, across from Central Park. And Thaitalian (on Colorado between Raymond and Arroyo), despite its slick look, too-bright room and kinda weird concept has good food and drink for a lot less than we expected, for sure.

            For the kind of good oldfashioned diner/coffee shop where everybody would be smoking cigarettes if it were allowed, The Reyn at North Lake and Earlham is darned comfy. Cash only.

            But there ain't NOTHIN' better than Tonny's!

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              I second All India Cafe. Arguably the best naan in the entire region. When I worked in Pasadena, I was there at least once a week. Their WLA restuarant has a lunch buffet so they might have one there.

            2. Mexican joint on Colorado Blvd at the front of the parking lot for Plummers. Close to Rosemead Bl.

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              1. re: robertpasadena

                I think you mean El Super Burrito. Been there forever. Really good, esp. chile verde.

                I'd add for Old Town:

                Tortas Mexico
                90 N Fair Oaks Ave
                Pasadena, CA 91103

                The Japanese place next to Tibet-Nepal house is cheap and not bad (though not exactly filling!). I used to get the salmon teriyaki with rice.

                I've never had a good slice of pizza in that area, so that's out. Many of the Thai places (e.g. Thai Dishes, Patakan) have really cheap lunch specials which are fine.