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Feb 2, 2007 02:36 PM

Arizona Love Needed!!

We are traveling to AZ over Spring Break with another family. We are narrowing down places to stay and usually make decisions based on food. We are trying to decide between The Wigwam Golf Resort & Spa, Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, Carefree Resort Villas Condos & Spa or a private condo overlooking Troon.

Having not been to AZ in many years, I know nothing about Pheonix food other than reading this board. Can anyone recommend where we should stay and best restaurants (French Bistro, Italian, aged beef, Swestern) that are near these resorts?? Both familes have kids that are also foodies and are old enough for no worries. Any assistance is appreciated.

Tyler, TX

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  1. My personal vote would be for the Pointe Hitlon Squaw Peak as it is central enough for great food locations. Barrio Cafe, Durants, Richardson's, T-Cooks, Convivo, Tutti Santi, the list could go on. This resort also allows you pretty easy access to Scottsdale via Lincoln Drive. The other two resorts you are locked into way west or way north. Have a great trip and do report back on your food adventures.

    P.S. I think the Pointe Hilton just went through a make over as well.

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      Is the Ritz Carlton also a "lock-in" resort?? Thanks, for your help!! Mike

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        The Ritz-Calrton is centrally located, as is the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak. Either one would situate you well for access to a variety of restaurants and cultural attractions. Other good restaurants near both hotels include Marcellino, Phoenix City Grille, Sierra Bonita Grill, Lola's Tapas, Christopher's Fermier Brasserie, Eleve, Tarbell's, Coupe des Tartes, and Super Dragon.

        I would agree that both the Wigwam and Carefree are more limiting. While there are good restaurants in both areas, either one would put you in a corner of the metropolitan area, making for long drives if you wish to venture to the other side of town. A central location, on the other hand, gives you access not only to restaurants in the immediate vicinity, but also allows you to enjoy worthwhile spots in all corners of the metro area, including Litchfield Park (Wigwam), North Scottsdale (Troon), and Carefree.

    2. I would also consider staying in Carefree or Troon.

      You are near Binkley's in Cave Creek

      Tonto Bar and Grill

      Cartwrights in Cave Creek

      Sassi No. Scottsdale

      lots of great choices @ DC Ranch :
      Eddie V's
      Blue Wasabi
      Sol Y Sambra
      Armitage Wine Bar

      Pinnacle Peak Area:

      Michael's @ the Citadel

      Cafe Ted

      You also aren't far from:
      The Boulder's Resort
      Carefree Station
      Spotted Donkey
      Greasewood Flat's
      The Four Seasons......

      I am sure there are plenty of great places I am missing............

      1. Just a friendly reminder, folks, to stay focused on the chow. While you are free to mention the location of a particular restaurant in relation to a hotel, we ask that you refrain from making accommodation recommendations as that is not the scope of

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          With that in mind, I'm not going to comment anymore on the central vs. outlying location issue. This thread already has good restaurant recommendations for the Pointe Squaw Peak / Ritz-Carlton option, as well as the Carefree / Troon one. Should you (the original poster) decide on the third location, the Wigwam, see this thread for restaurant recommendations in that part of town:

        2. I appreciate all your help with this. Without knowing the vicinity of the restaurants in conjunction with the resort it would have made all eating decisions much more tedious....I was not asking for resort reviews, just assistance with location....So, we will either stay in the Ritz, or Sq Point, so any other unique off the tourist path finds is still much appreciated. Good weekend to all....