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Feb 2, 2007 02:31 PM

Anything to say about Public?

Am headed there in an hour. Recommendations?

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  1. it's been good solid and a good-looking space. the kangaroo app is always a hit and the desserts are worth leaving room for, even the sorbets and ice creams.

    the food is well executed and the flavors vibrant and a little different from most ny places - lots of influences from down under. hope you enjoy it

    1. It was good. Kangaroo was excellent, the meat was served on a falafel that was equally delicious. The mushroom ceviche was the best appetizer at our table. I had the lamb, glazed with manuka a kind of honey, delicious. The Thai pumpkin curry and the cod (edamame risotto) was the best on the table. The desserts were outstanding - chocolate plate, ginger ice cream on a pear and lemongrass crumble, and sticky toffee with armagnac ice cream. The sticky toffee was the best in class!

      Service was attentive, a bit too attentive but I won't complain. The waiter tried to push us toward a $150 bottle of wine, but we gently directed him toward something for $42. A New Zealand Crossroads "Bordeaux". Full bodied and good enough for us.