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Feb 2, 2007 02:15 PM

One Weekend in DC - choices

We'll be in DC from NYC in February and am looking for moderately priced good meals.

Are either Dino or Filomena a good choice for Italian?

What about Acadian? Any alternatives you'd recommend?

Thought we'd try Zaytinya for lunch.

Any thoughts? Any other ideas?

Many thanks!

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  1. Dino is actually a pretty good restaurant, but if you're coming from NYC, please do yourself a favor and don't eat Italian here. Try one of the Ethiopian restaurants (many, many choices if you search the archives). Or a Korean place (again, many choices in the archives).

    Zaytinya is a very good choice for lunch, as is its nearby sister restaurant Jaleo. Colorado Kitchen is a fantastic and very reasonable lunch spot.

    Acadiana has its detractors, but I'm addicted to its barbecued shrimp. Try the bar at Palena for an excellent affordable meal. I am very fond of the Blue Duck Tavern, but that's a little bit pricier.

    1. Zaytinya (pan-Hellenic) is a very good choice for tapas and will be a unique experience. Jaleo (Spanish) is even better. AVOID Filomena.

      Please do yourself a favor and do a search under those restaurant names in Chowhound.

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      1. re: Steve

        Steve, could you or anyone else explain how Jaleo is better than Zaytinya? I've eaten at Jaleo twice as often as Zaytinya, and every time walked out of Jaleo thinking that I could have walked a little further to Zaytinya and had a better meal. Maybe I'm ordering the wrong things? I love the atmosphere at Zaytinya. Maybe the ambiance is just fooling me? I'd like to like Jaleo, because so many of my coworkers want to go there.

        1. re: zorn

          Here's why I prefer Jaleo: (Though, really, I don't mean to put down Zaytinya exactly)

          In the suburbs there are many choices for Turkish, Lebanese, and Middle Eastern food. Some of these places serve food that is incredibly flavorful. Zaytinya is refined, but sometimes just plain boring compared to what is available elsewhere.

          A meal at Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church a group of us had recently was a knockout and also darn cheap.

          I've eaten well at Zaytinya but at times wondered where they put the flavor.

          As where I believe Jaleo has a long list of dishes that are as good as some of the rustic food I enjoy when I'm in Europe.

      2. Dino is very good if you are looking for Italian, and you will be amazed at the size and reasonable prices of the fantastic wine list. But JDH is correct, the strenght of DC dining is its ethnic food. Try an Ethiopian place, DC is the best place in the country to get Ethiopian food. Etete is considered one of the best, but there are a lot of them in DC and a search on the board will reveal them. Zyatinya is a lot of fun and the scene is fun, but I prefer the food at Jaleo, thought not by a lot. The area has great Thai restaurants too, but unfortunately all the good ones are in the suburbs, not in town.

        1. I would defnitely consider Komi and Central for dinner and 2amy's for lunch.
          Komi is a small romantic restaurant with a young chef who cooks beyond his years.
          Central is a new venture from reknowned DC chef Michel Ricard who also owns the 4 star Citronelle.
          2amy's is the best pizza in the city hands down and dare I say its better then any pie in nyc!