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Feb 2, 2007 01:59 PM

Help! Dinner tomorrow night in Victoria with the parents

Any suggestions for good food not fusion or asian influenced to take my parents out for dinner. Cost wise middle of the road. Italian/Bistro/ etc would be more up their alley.

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  1. Try Zambri's for a lovely Italian restaurant:

    Also look at old posts for recommendations to Cafe Brio, Camille's, Blue Crab, etc

    1. JMHewer:

      Cannot quibble with islandgirl's recommendation of Zambri's particularly if your parents enjoy Italian. Good hearty rustic fare. I have not been for dinner as we usually head up for lunch during the week when it is semi-cafeteria style. Saturday nights should be table service but phone ahead to see if they have a set menu or special wine dinner.

      Don't be put off by the "strange" location i.e. in the strip mall which houses the London Drugs adjactent to the Yates Market. The chef owner and his "crew" are very good. Their duck ragu with green olives served over polenta was to "kill for" on a more recent visit.

      Another good Italian option is Il Terrazzo which is literally "up" or more precisely "off" the alley near Willy's Bakery off Johnson Street I think it is . Good food and excellent wine list. It is big and full of "trophy" ... read expensive .... bottles but with better valued ones as well.

      If bistro is want to you want, I recommend Brasserie L'Ecole. We are heading to Victoria next month and have already reserved for another good nite of wining and dining. Call now because Saturday [at least I think that is what you are looking for] nights can be busy.

      Cafe Brio and Camille's are also two good options given what you have indicated your parents like and want to pay.

      1. I agree with the above mentioned choices but I would put Zambri's at the top for Italian.

        1. I love Cafe Brio there. Always super fresh food and he's got an awesome wine list.