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Feb 2, 2007 01:56 PM

Unique Donuts

I saw a show on the Food Network about a donut place in NYC that has original, fresh, and unique donuts called Donut Factory. The guy created his own recipes and uses all natural flavorings. They looked awesome! Is there any place in the LA area like this? All the donut places I've been to around here, they all taste the same!

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  1. The only Donut place that is a step above all IMHO is Donut Man in Glendora. We went the other night, 8pm, they were still making FRESH donuts, we asked for the freshest one they had... still warm, gooey... it was donut PERFECTION...


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    1. re: Dommy

      That's because they're open 24hrs. And they make them round the clock. (I make sure of that with my random, late night visits, just in case they're slacking.)

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        Good that you're up to the task of keeping an eye on those do-nut slackers, OZ.

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          Just doing my chowhound duty so you can all eat safe at night.

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            Hope you remembered your Chowhound Checker Badge.

    2. Stan's Donut Shop in Westwood Village, on Weyburn and Broxton, has a combination chocolate chip/smooth peanut butter/chunks of fresh banana donut that, when fresh, is one of the most outrageously delicious, transcendent snacks I've ever eaten in my life. Stan's other donuts are terrific as well, but be advised that they all tend to be on the heavy side (as opposed to airy).

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        Stan's is also in Thousand Oaks at 658 N. Moorpark Road. in the new Whole Foods shopping center at the corner of Wilbur and Moorpark Road. (805) 381-1818

      2. thanks for the recommendations! I'm going to try both of those places. I just love donuts, I wish I could meet all my nutritional needs from them.


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        1. I 2nd Stans. I Also Like RANDYS Donuts in Inglewood. Just drive down the 405 Fwy and you Can't miss it it's the Place with the BIG Donut on the roof.

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          1. re: Skunk2Racer

            A third recommendation for Stans, as they are unique. Love anything there with peanut butter. I also like their blueberry buttermilk donuts.

          2. Good suggestions so far. A couple of other places you might consider are:

            My favorite doughnuts, by far, are Primo's Westdale Doughnuts (2918 Sawtelle Blvd., at National, (310) 478-6930). Buttermilk bars that are among the best I've had anywhere, ever. Traditional flavors, but very well executed.

            Also, there's a new place in BH called Fritelli ( ) that is trying to go high end, with interesting flavors, etc. I thought they were just okay, but the concept is a good one, and others have liked their doughnuts more than me. (For me, the most important thing with doughnuts is that the ingredients be of good quality, and that they be very, very fresh, preferably still warm from the fryer; Fritelli uses good ingredients, but the times I've been there the doughnuts have been cold and a touch stale.


            There's also a place in the Fairfax Farmers Market (Bobs?) that gets good reviews here. I've only tried these once or twice, and thought they were pretty good, but not up to the high standard set by Primos.

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            1. re: David Kahn

              Bob's are good if you get the craving while at Farmer's Market. I'm interested in hearing opinions on DuPar's donuts, now that they've reopened. I used to love the braided cruller (basically, a glazed donut), but that may just be a fond memory from my youth. Has anyone tried them?

              1. re: CynD

                I haven't been since the redo at DuPars but my grandma used to bring me the round/no hole kinda yellow very heavy cake donuts with a thick blob of chocolate frosting. One with a cup of coffee would sit there all day but they sure tasted great!!!

              2. re: David Kahn

                primo's ...great donuts...not your "normal" donut place...few options...but damn good !! the cinnamon roll is also worth a try. of course, i live close to donut man and with each visit i appreciate the place more and more - the key for me...they always have fresh donuts ...the key is to ask which ones they just made

                1. re: David Kahn

                  I am a Bob's partisan but I always pick them up at 8 a.m. ish, the prime eating. And I really only two or three types, glazed raised, chocolate glazed raised, and the crumb.

                  1. re: David Kahn

                    Fritelli ia a good suggestion if you want interesting, non-traditional doughnuts with fresh, high-quality ingredients. I've never had a stale one there, but yes, they aren't usually "still warm from the fryer." Then again, I've never found a doughnut place that *does* offer doughnuts fresh from the fryer, unless they have a very limited selection. Logistically it's just too hard to offer 20-ish different varieties all fresh from the fryer, because turnover is going to be a lot slower when you have that much selection.