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Feb 2, 2007 01:54 PM

Recs @ NYU Med Ctr

Any recs good restaurants dinner near NYU med Ctr near Murray Hill?

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  1. Ethos
    Ali Baba
    Petite Abeille
    Waterfront Ale House
    Curry Hill is reasonably close

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    1. re: Lucia

      Lamazou is not a restaurant. It's a cheese shop that also sells sandwiches and other items for take-out.

      Other places in the NYU Med. Ctr. vicinity:

      La Petite Auberge - French bistro -

      Cosette - French bistro -

      Turkish Kitchen - http://www.turkishkitchenny,com

      Darna - Moroccan -

      Sarge's Deli -

    2. Worked in that area for 7 years. It's a tough one.

      Bao Noodles (3rd & 28th)
      Cibo (2nd & 41st)
      Josie's (3rd & 37th)
      Pizza 33 (3rd & 33rd)
      Madras Mahal (Lex & 28th)

      For lunch:
      OMS/B (3rd & 45th)
      Better Burger (3rd & 37th)
      Delectica (2nd & 38th)

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      1. re: yumyumyogi

        Your location for Bao Noodles is not correct. It's on 2nd, b/t 22nd & 23rd. I think you are confusing it with the place called Noodles 28? Actually, they moved some time ago and are now near 29th.

        Re: Pizza 33. There was recently a thread in which many Hounds were of the opinion that the pizza there is not very good.

        Do you still work in the area? I don't agree with you that it's a tough one for good food. There are many fine options. You just have to know what they are.

        1. re: RGR

          Oops, you're right, RGR. Bao Noodles is further down.

          I used to work on 38th and 1st about 3 years ago and I found it a bit of a gastronomical desert.

      2. Also, Coppola's on 28th(?) and 3rd is decent Italian. Totonno's for pizza...high 20's on second avenue. Mexico Lindo, 26th and 2nd, I think.

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        1. re: haleyjen

          I must disagree with you about Coppola's and Totonno's. Coppola's food is downright awful, and the pizza at Totonno's (corner of 26th St.) is sub-par. As for Mexico Lindo, we tried it once and, while I wouldn't rave about it, the food's at least decent.

          1. re: RGR

            The last time I was Coppola's it was decent. Not really good or anything, but edible. I stayed really simple though, think I had penne with mozzarella, tomato and basil.

            1. re: RGR

              We really like the pizza at Totonno's. Since I have a toddler, we usually go early-ish on the weekends (around 6:00) and the pizza always comes out fresh and tasty.

              I do not, however, like the food at Bao Noodles. I only had it once, and I found it to be very greasy and mediocre.

          2. In addition to the above, you might want to try Benjamin's on Second Ave. & E. 33 St. and Notaro's on Second Ave. between E. 34 St. & E. 35 St. for Italian food.