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Barley Malt Powder

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Does anyone know where to find this in LA? I've looked at Whole Foods, Erewhon, VP Discount, Trader Joes etc. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I had to order it from www.bakerscatalogue.com, the King Aurthur's website. Also try any brewing/winemaking stores.

    1. I found a store in Culver City: http://www.brewsupply.com/ I just wish it was closer to me. Thanks though!

      1. I think I saw some at Surfa's in Culver City.

        1. I went on the same quest for dry malt extract. Ended up at Steinfillers in Long Beach. A homebrew shop is generally cheaper and offers more variety of DME than a bakers supply.


          1. In the valley, go to the home beer wine and cheese shop in woodland hills. Probably best selction of all.


            1. A Korean store specializing in gokshik (various grains, powdered or whole) might carry it. They tend to carry barley and various malted things, so a barley malt powder might not be too far off the mark.

              The only one that automatically comes to mind is the stall at the Ktown Galleria market, but I don't think they would sell individual powders-- that is, one that hasn't been mixed with others. You might be able to ask them (if the person's English is good enough) for other recommendations.