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High Protein/Low Fat/Low Cal Protein Snacks?

I'm trying to lose a few pounds and restricting myself to 1500 calories a day (not an easy thing). I'm trying to eat a good amount of protein in my diet b/c I'm weight training but am starting to get a little bored w/egg whites. (BTW, not doing the low carb thing). Is there another high protein/low fat option that is versatile and tasty? I've been eating egg whites as both a meal (egg white omelet) or as a snack (hard boiled eggs minus the yolk).

Peanut butter--higher in protein but also high in fat and calories so I really restrict my intake of this. Besides, I'm not a huge fan of it. Like it but don't LOVE it like a lot of folks.
Edamame-love this stuff and eat my weight in it but isn't really a high protein option.
Tofu--love tofu in most all forms but a) isn't really all that high in protein and b) can't see myself snacking on it.
Nuts-have an okay amount of protein but is also high in calories.

Does anyone else feel my (hunger) pains?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Low-fat cheese? I've been getting these snack packs of 50% reduced-fat Cabot cheddar. It's individually wrapped little slabs of cheddar, each 50 calories. (Not the most environmentally sound thing, but it does stop me from eating half the block of cheese.) String cheese is a good option too.

    1. I'm eating high protein, low fat, too. Edamame is a fabulous protein source! It has 11g of protein for 1/2C of the beans. Other ideas:

      Low-fat cheese is good; the part-skim mozzarella cheese sticks are handy for snacks.

      A piece of high protein, 100% whole grain bread (try Ezekiel 4:9 bread, which is sprouted grain, no flour) with a piece of turkey breast.

      Salmon...good protein and you get the good Omega-3 fats as well. I love to eat smoked salmon as a snack. I roll up a piece of lox around some cucumber and that's quite tasty.

      Cottage cheese. I know...boring. BUT...try mixing some chopped green peppper, scallions, tomato, salt, pepper and lemon zest into it. Fabulous! A teeny drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil (good fat!) makes it even more wonderful.

      Yogurt...I buy Cascade Fresh which has no sugar, just fruit and fruit juice for sweetener. I also love plain yogurt mixed with some dried cherries and chopped almonds.

      Hope this gives some ideas.

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        I've never heard of Cascade Fresh. Is it a regional brand? I forgot about the low fat cheese--thanks for the reminder. I'm not a real big fan of string cheese unless it's slightly melted.

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          I second the cottage cheese - I'd go for the 2% though. Also, Fage Greek Yogurt. Fabulous -- the 2% is like 17g of protein for 8 oz and I think weighs in at 170 calories. Very fiiling and delicious.

          1. re: gyp7318

            Don't know where that person is but we can get Cascade Fresh in the Puget Sound (WA) area. It's amazing. All natural, no high fructose corn syrup. At first it seems weird because it's not as sugary sweet as big names but after eating it a while, big brands make me want to gag because they taste so fake.

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            any of the non-sweetened non fat yogurts can be doctored up by mixing in a packet of splenda and a dollup of vanilla extract (the kind that doesn't contain alcohol--trader joe's carries it)

          3. chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, jerky (watch the sodium, though), chestnuts (not super high but lower fat than other nuts), low fat cottage cheese, edamame, baked chickpeas, sirloin steak (though a little higher in fat and calories), lentils/beans like chili, quinoa, canadian bacon

            1. EAT QUINOA! Great source of protein and so versatile.

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                i second this one. i just actually am finishing chewing my last bite. i just tossed together some quinoa, egg whites, sun dried tomatoes and artichoke tapanade.

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                  Quinoa is amazing and very healthy. It's not low calorie, though. A Google search is showing over 600 calories for a cup.

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                    That's per cup of raw quinoa, which swells to more than twice that volume when you cook it. It's around 200-250 calories per cup cooked, if I remember correctly.

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                      Yeah, I saw the huge disparity in the two counts I found. Some were closer to 300 than the 600. Wasn't sure what was what.

                      As someone who is on 1500 calories per day, most meals are 300-400 calories, which eliminates much of these wonderful carbs. I'm going to try 1/2 a cup at a time and see if I enjoy that more than my regular veggies.

                2. I don't know what would be sufficient if tofu isn't considered a high-protein option. Taking a quick look up the nutritional tables, a 5 oz portion has over 10 g of protein which seems pretty comparable to an egg (about 5 g) or nuts or cheese (about 7 g per 1 oz serving).

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                    I loooooove tofu but how would one snack on it?

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                      Put it in miso broth with greens or other veggies, and of course garlic...

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                        If you use soft tofu, purée it with your sweetener of choice and some vanilla or cocoa powder.

                        If you use firm tofu, marinate it, cube it, and bake until crispy.

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                          my mom used to slice it, lay it out in a casserole dish, drizzle with soy sauce and sesame oil and bake until edges are crispy. i do this and toss them into a baggy in the fridge for quick protein fix.

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                            Tofu jerky is good and very portable. But remember not to overdo it with the soy products as too much can be counterproductive to muscle building.

                        2. Make egg white meringues with egg whites, splenda, little salt and cream of tartar.

                          Hard boiled egg whites chopped and mixed with low fat or fat free mayo, or nonfat sour cream or nonfat yogurt, powdered garlic and whatever veggie/spice mixins.

                          Dixie Diner www.dixiediner.com makes a great rice crispy esque cereal that I eat dry... 1/2 cup has 71 calories, 16 g protein, 7g of fiber, 2g fat... taste like maple rice krispies. I like em dry but they'd probably be good mixed in to Total 0% yogurt sweetened with splenda... another one of my great pleasures at 80 cal, 0 g fat, 15 g protein. Sometimes I'll mix in a little of TJ's Hi-Lo protein cereal or all bran extra fiber.

                          I also like to do miso broth, heated with a couple of crushed garlic cloves, add some greens (collards, kale, mustard), aspargus, and wild mushrooms. Let simmer, then add egg whites, seasoned with garlic spice mixture, in a stream so it becomes like a miso egg drop soup.

                          I love cottage cheese (nonfat best actually) mixed with cinnamon, splenda and vanilla, then heated.. It becomes gooey and non-cottage cheesey. I also like to mix in a bit of barley as well to simulate rice pudding after a workout when I need the carbs.

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                          1. re: Emme

                            I also love nonfat cottage cheese, because it's filling without containing too many calories (no fat, and lots of protein - a winning combination, I think!) Trader Joe's has a great non-fat cottage cheese; it's the only brand of non-fat cottage cheese that's actually pretty tasty and not salty or slimy or gloopy. (it's under the Trader Joe brand - white and blue carton, I think.)

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                              Yes, definitely in a blue and white container. The TJ's non fat cottage cheese is the best around! Good flavor, more curds, and less liquid.

                              1. re: bijoux16

                                I completely agree on this! This is one of my favorite foods and such a good source of lean protein. I eat it for breakfast every morning wrapped in a piece of sliced turkey breast and some spinach. I also add some non-fat Fage on the side mixed with berries and flaxseed granola. This meal keeps me satisfied well into the day.

                            2. Beef jerky (or any type of meat/fish jerky)

                              Tuna (in water, drained) topped on rice cakes with salsa or relish

                              Deli meats (just watch the sodium content)

                              1. If you mix up cooking styles and dishes, whitefish like cod and halibut, bison, turkey breast, chicken breast, and ostrich breast are all very low in calories and huge in protein.

                                1. Don't forget to bulk up your plate with FIBER.

                                  And I've recently become a huge fan of roasted brussel sprouts (broil on a pan, sprinkled lightly with olive oil, salt and pepper, til soft) with hummus. It's very filling.

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                                    I love to snack on roasted broccoli - spray w/olive oil spray, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper or even some parmesan. It's great w/respect to fiber and calories. Not so much on the protein though - adding the cheese helps w/that a tiny tad.

                                    1. re: laylag

                                      Have you ever tried to make kale chips? Basically, you spray kale leaves with oil, lightly sprinkle with salt, and bake on a cookie sheet at medium heat until crispy. Keep a close eye on them, they burn fast.

                                      TJ's sells these green chickpeas that taste like a cross with edamame. Protein and fibre.

                                      If you plan ahead, you can buy falafel mix and bake them instead of frying. Makes a perfect snack, esp. with a yogurt-y dip.

                                  2. Thanks for everyone's quick responses. I really do appreciate them.

                                    This is what I think I decided to snack on next week:
                                    1) miso egg drop soup
                                    2) edamame
                                    3) marinated, baked tofu
                                    4) baked, spiced chick peas
                                    5) cottage cheese and something to make it savory (spaghetti sauce or tomato and scallions)

                                    Happy snacking!

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                                    1. re: gyp7318

                                      I have low-fat cottage cheese with either bluberries or (as was suggested in the Dr. Oz book) cinammon. I feel great and it holds me til way past noon. Would also work as a snack.

                                      1. re: onefineleo

                                        It may sound crazy, but I LOVE cottage cheese with hot sauce. I use tabasco sauce, as I like the vinegar taste of it, but whatever your favorite brand is will do. Its my high protein/low carb/low calorie snack of choice. Serving size is also decent as half a cup will get rid of any hunger pains.

                                        1. re: FoodDude2

                                          Mmmm cottage cheese w/ salsa :-)

                                          1. re: Emme

                                            And a variation - yogurt with salsa. For me: Fage & Green Mountain Gringo/medium hot.

                                          2. re: FoodDude2

                                            i love cottage cheese and franks hot sauce!

                                        2. re: gyp7318

                                          oo what is your recipe for the tofu and the chickpeas?

                                          1. re: gyp7318

                                            For a more savory rather than sweet take on cottage cheese, I like it with a little salt, freshly ground pepper, and a good squeeze of lemon juice. It's also good with chives or green onion.

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                                              .I love cottage cheese with original Mrs. Dash in it. I mix in the dash when I bring it home, immediately, then put in fridge for at least a day. I eat it as a dip for raw veggies or even just wrapped in lettuce

                                          2. At Trader Joe's and some grocery stores you can get edamame dry roasted and lightly salted. It's great and I snack on it regularly.

                                            1. Baked mini turkey meatballs seasoned with cumin. You can eat at room temp with some Fage yogurt dipping sauce....add lemon juice, garlic, cucumbers, dill and s&p.

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                                                Baked mini turkey meatballs seasoned with cumin sound awesome. Do you have a recipe you could share?

                                              2. TJ's has great frozen pre-cooked turkey meatballs -- they're tasty and I believe would fit your requirements.

                                                In terms of snackable tofu, one thing I do is cut firm (or extra firm) tofu into 1/2-inch sticks, marinate for a half hour (or whatever is convenient) in your favorite mix of acid and spices. Heat a grill pan (or a skillet, or a george forman grill), coat with a little olive oil, and grill the tofu until it has nice grill lines (or until it browns in a skillet) -- this will take a few minutes at most. Cool the tofu sticks, throw into a ziplock, and take 'em to work. They'll last a few days, so you can make a big batch. Eat them alone, or with hummous, or any other dip/sauce (soy sauce is nice, or marinara, or whatever works with your base spicing of the tofu).

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                                                1. re: litchick

                                                  tjs also sells some great precooked meatless meatballs in the frozen case that are lower calorie than the real meat ones.

                                                2. Tuna, tuna, tuna! Salmon, halibut, mahi mahi ... turkey ... When buying ground turkey get the extra-lean variety without skin, etc. ... I find it easy to season it up and use olive oil judiciously to make it tasty ... the same can be said for very lean beef @ 5-8% fat ... I always have a bag of unsalted roasted soy nuts around ... whole grain cereals, with the leanest represented by shredded wheat or Wheatabix ... rolled oats ... many other options mentioned above .. others, a little pricier but very efficient high protein/low fat options -- bison/buffalo meat, ostrich. It's not hard to find very lean ham and 50% fat- reduced Jarlsberg ... learn to love pepper and good, grainy mustard ... then there's ... SUSHI!

                                                  1. I tin of sardines has less than 200 cal, is low fat, has at least a gram of omega 3 fatty acids and no carbs. With bones you even get calcium.

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                                                      Love sardines as a snack, very filling and good for you. The smoked trout at Tader Joes is also my new favorite, just drain off the oil.

                                                      1. re: rabaja

                                                        Last I heard, the trout was being discontinued. I bought a bunch of tins, but they're all gone now. I'll have to check at my TJs to see if they're back. Thanks!

                                                        1. re: Pat Hammond

                                                          It did go away for a while but I've seen it again over the last three months or so...hope they keep it around, it is so satisfying.

                                                          1. re: Pat Hammond

                                                            OMG, you almost gave me a heart attack. This is definitely one of my favorite smoked fish, and I thought I wasn't able to find it any more until I read the date of your post. I have been able to buy it with no problem as recently as December (not very close, so I stock up when I go), so I would hope I'm ok.

                                                          2. re: rabaja

                                                            And if you eat them on Wasa Crispbread, you're getting very little carbs, some fiber.

                                                          3. re: scubadoo97

                                                            I was just researching this topic, looking for hi protein, low cal, and I have sardines. The trouble with them is they tend to trigger my gout. Just one of those foods that seems to set it off. I went ahead and ate a tin just now. We'll see in a week.

                                                            I was just really hungry and I need to get my carbs down. All these other ideas are great.

                                                            Unfortunately, in Boise, we don't have Trader Joes or a Wholefood----yet.

                                                            1. re: bigchuckles44

                                                              Hi there Bigchuckles44! Fellow Boise hound here:) Not sure why you need WF ot TJ's, but the Coop is nice, and Fred Meyer has a decent Natural Foods section as well. Good luck with your gout and continue posting!

                                                          4. Sort of high sodium, but Whole Foods sells a Turkey Jerky that is really low-cal and high protein. Not cheap per bag, but really nutritionally efficient, given you don't mind sodium.... IIRC, like 200calories or so for the whole bag...


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                                                              This is a great rec, particularly for those who don't have to watch their sodium too much. I love the Snackmaster's brand that's available at some Whole Foods and Ralph's or on the company's website.

                                                            2. I am currently on a Kashi GoLean cereal kick (studying for my medical boards... boo...) 140 calories gives you 1 cup of 13g protein and 10g fiber cereal. Just try not to eat the whole box in a day (oops)

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                                                                Uhm, yeah. We liked eating that but if you err just a little on the side of too much....well, suffice it to say, my daughters renamed it "Kashi Go Fart."

                                                                (okay, I'm allowed ONE crude comment per season. Aren't I? ;-)

                                                              2. I am also eating high protein and whey based protein powder is saving my life....1 scoop is 120 calories and 23 grams of protein...there are others and there info varies a little. I use it in the am on cereal (fibre1) annd usually once during the day in a protein shake...1/2 scoop some frozen fruit a tablespoon peanut butter and some low fat milk and voila a fabulous protein shake that tastes like amilkshake....am also eating 1500 calories divided into 5 meals....my consultant (for lack of a better desccription) says anything over 350 calories and 25 grams of protein is wasted on the body..it stores the extra as fat!!! Feel free to contact me if you need or want more info! Shelley

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                                                                  For a snack I have 0% Fage yogurt with All Bran cereal sweetened with Stevia and an apple.

                                                                  1. re: shelleyb1955

                                                                    hi, what do you mean that anything over 350 calories and 23g of protein is wasted on the body?
                                                                    does that mean one should aim to eat meals below these numbers to prevent excess weight gain if on a high protein and low carb diet?

                                                                    1. re: diva_fina

                                                                      I suspect the consultant is saying that the body can only metabolize so much protein at one time. Too much at once and it gets excreted by the kidneys.

                                                                      1. re: danna

                                                                        AND it gets broken down into carbs which you body treats just like any other carb

                                                                        1. re: westsidegal

                                                                          Not exactly; about half is converted to glucose, but very slowly, without the blood sugar spike and high insulin levels that carbs cause. But excess will get stored as fat, and large meals cause a higher than desirable insulin/fat storage spike.

                                                                  2. I second many of the replies on here....

                                                                    I don't eat meat, and i'm currently aiming for under 1200 cals per day, so some days when i know i'm lacking, i make a protein shake. I have a couple of different kinds that are sugar free, which keeps the calories and the carbs down for a great big dose of protein. There was one that Costco used to sell that was a chocolate coconut and it was really good (I just can't remember the name of it)

                                                                    What about soynuts? the baked kind.....

                                                                    on a side note, it seems you have to eat an awful lot of nuts or nut butters to get a good quantity of protein. same goes for cheese etc, but something i noticed is that the fat free cheese slices/singles pack a good portion of protein.

                                                                    1. A couple of folks have already mention Fage yogurt. I really like the 2% variety. High in protein but still creamy. My normal snack at work is that yogurt with a little honey. But Fage work great as a substitute for sour cream for veggie dip.

                                                                      I mix the large container of Fage (not the 8 oz) with a packet of Knorr vegetable soup mix and dip crudite in it. I have served it at parties and honestly nobody knew it wasn't sour cream and its so much healthier. This doesn't work as well with the fat free variety.

                                                                      Other thing I like is more of an at home snack but I love a smoothy made with 1 cup milk, 1 frozen banana, and 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder (I got it at whole foods) It's like a milk shake but it has 28 grams of protein.

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                                                                      1. re: heypielady

                                                                        i make protein shakes for dinner sometimes
                                                                        scoops of trader joe soy protein powder
                                                                        chuncks of frozen fruit OR a few tablespoons of vahrhona cocoa powder.
                                                                        add spenda to taste (you won't need as much with the fruit as you will with the cocoa powder)
                                                                        spin in a 500watt blender till slushy. add more frozen chunks of fruit if necessary. if you are using cocoa powder, add ice cubes until slushy

                                                                      2. Not so much of a snack, but the way I really BOOST my protein is Buffalo Burgers from Trader Joes. They are amazing and taste great too. In each patty (regular sized patty) it contains a whopping 43g of protein and they are very low in fat. I don't know where else they sell them but buffalo meat of any kind you can find is very good and super high in protein.

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                                                                        1. re: kysen

                                                                          For a snack when you're on the go, Mojo Bars (by Cliff Bars) is the best tasting meal bar out there. Depending on the flavor, they're 180-190 calories, 8-9 g. of protein, 3g dietary fiber, 7 g of fat, 120 mg of sodium.

                                                                          Have you tried Edamame (green soybeans). You can get them frozen at the supermarket, both in the pod, and already shelled. They have a nice nutty flavor, and they're great as snacks. You either boil them, or microwave them. Try a little soy or teriyaki sauce on them.
                                                                          Here's what you'll find in a half-cup serving of shelled edamame:

                                                                          120 calories
                                                                          9 grams fiber
                                                                          2.5 grams fat
                                                                          1.5 grams polyunsaturated fat (0.3 grams plant omega-3 fatty acids)
                                                                          0.5 gram monounsaturated fat
                                                                          11 grams protein
                                                                          13 grams carbohydrate
                                                                          15 mg sodium
                                                                          10% of the Daily Value for vitamin C
                                                                          10% Daily Value for iron
                                                                          8% Daily Value for vitamin A
                                                                          4% Daily Value for calcium

                                                                          They also make a great ingredient in recipes.

                                                                        2. Just curious as to why you won't consider the "low carb" thing. I'm diabetic, and when I was first diagnosed 7 years ago, I weighed 250 lbs. Cutting out all the cookies, cakes, doughnuts, etc., and stepping up my exercise a bit, I got down to 220 lbs after two years, but just stayed there. I was taking 11 pills a day to manage my blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. Then I discovered "low carbs" about 2 years ago.

                                                                          The first month I was very strict - no breads, no potatoes, no rice, no pasta of any kind. Breakfast was 2-3 slices of bacon, two microwaved eggs, no toast. Lunch would be tuna or chicken salad on lettuce, or a "naked burger" - hamburger patty topped with tomato, onion, served on a bed of lettuce (squeeze of mustard too). No bun. Dinner would be grilled steak/chicken/fish, microwaved veggies (no corn or peas, mostly frozen California mix of broccoli, cauliflower, etc.), and a side salad - usually something basic like lettuce, tomato, celery, and onion, varying the dressing each day so I didn't get bored. Snacks would be an apple with some cheddar cheese, or a small orange, or some mixed nuts (unsalted). I started taking a fiber supplement to avoid constipation.

                                                                          I lost almost 15 lbs that first month. Then I relaxed a bit, and started to have a piece of whole grain toast with breakfast, a small - and I mean small, like a new potato - bit of potato with dinner, maybe some crackers with my cheese and apple. You can get very adept at reading nutrition labels in almost no time.

                                                                          My weight loss slowed, but it has continued. I'm now down to 190 lbs, I've cut my meds to 3 pills/day, and all my blood work has improved - sugars, cholesterol (despite eating those two eggs every day - a growing body of work is suggesting dietary cholesterol has little effect on blood cholesterol), triglycerides, and blood pressure - in every area. And, yes, I have continued to work a few more carbs back into my diet. I will have the occasional roll or bun, I've added corn and peas (sparingly) back into my veggie rotation. Still can't find a breakfast cereal that has few enough carbs that it doesn't make me exceed my daily limit of 60 g. Now that the good weather has returned to Southern Ontario, I intend to step up my cycling to 30-45 minutes/day.

                                                                          My diabetes doctor thinks that if I can get below 180 lbs, I might be able to cut out all my medications, so long as I stay on the low carb diet. I realize you might not have my diabetes problems, but if you google "low carb", you'll find an increasing number of respectable doctors - not shills trying to sell you a book or meal plans - who have done reputable tests, and found that low carbs do help people of all stripes lose weight.

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                                                                          1. re: KevinB

                                                                            We've been having some success with the low carb/good carb type of diet too. We've found that if we relax every other weekend and have some of those carbs we've been craving that it gives us something to look forward to. The thought is to not go crazy and eat a whole bag of cookies or chips but to have a reasonable serving. Then it's back on the salads, veggies, meats and eggs! I've lost 40 lbs and have a long way to go but it's progress!

                                                                            1. re: KevinB

                                                                              Great job Kevin! I have been a diabetic for over 10 years (Type II) and continued to eat like a "normal" person, which for me was heavy iinto carbs. About a year ago my doctor told me that my next step was insulin, I was maxed out on pills. I started watching what I ate, started walking 4-10 miles a day, and have lost 80 pounds, gone off my cholesterol med, totally stopped one of my diabetes meds, and cut the other one down by 20%. I am pretty sure that come January, when my next appt. is set, he will reduce my one diabetes med down even further. It just depends on what my A1c reading is. However, my daily BS readings have been between 90 and 120 (before eating) for the last month now, and I feel great!

                                                                            2. What about spirulina, I've heard it's high protein and you can use it as a powder or even easier, a capsule (not that satisfying though). Anybody ever tried it?

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                                                                              1. re: jeniculada

                                                                                Spirulina is not for the faint of heart. It is super good for you. I know some vegan touring cyclists who swear by it. However, the taste on its own is awful. I've heard people compare it to feet. Mix small amounts in to large batches. It will turn your food green too!

                                                                                I liked kefir before I had to give up dairy. I also make almond milk, banana and peanut butter smoothies for when I don't feel like cooking or after a work out.

                                                                                Black bean dips and hummus are also great protein snacks.

                                                                              2. I just recently made a dish that I think might fit the description of a low-carb higher protein snack: chickpea flour pancakes. I used 1 1/4 cup chickpea flour, mixed with a little salt and 1 cup water. Whisk until smooth, add chopped ginger, serrano chilis, finely minced onions and/or garlic, minced cilantro leaves. Can add other Indian spices as well (ajwain seeds, cayenne pepper, cumin, etc.) Heat a nonstick skillet with a very small amount of oil, swirl about a quarter cup of batter onto pan. Cook on both sides. In my experience, you don't need to keep re-oiling the pan after each cake. These can be stacked as cooked, and stored in the fridge until ready to snack. They actually taste even better cold.

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                                                                                1. re: Morticia

                                                                                  I wonder if these pancakes could be a substitute for tortillas?

                                                                                2. Smoked salmon on "crackers" of thick-cut cucumbers. Cukes work well as cracker replacement for savory spreads (tapenade, hummus, etc.)

                                                                                  1. dunno how you decided that edamame and tofu are low protein.
                                                                                    i make:
                                                                                    tofu sandwiches on whole wheat toast and piquante sauce.
                                                                                    tofu fajitas made in advance with tons of peppers, onions, tofu and very little oil.

                                                                                    quesidillas using sprouted wheat tortillas and almond cheese (much lower in fat than dairy cheese) and salsa/hot sauce

                                                                                    1. You sound like me - trying to lose fat and gain muscle. Not a lot of fun. I find that a low calorie intake stunts progress with the weight lifting. You may want to get some more opinions re: only 1500 calories per day. In addition to high protein/low calorie foods, I find it important that meals & snacks make me feel satiated. This really helps adhere to the calorie limit. I read that flavorful, spicy foods help with this and it seems to be true. Preparing fresh chicken/beef/fish/turkey piled high with raw vegetables is effective and filling - sometimes the stomach even feels distended. The appetite is gone for a good period of time - always a bonus. I agree with the low fat cheese recommendations too. When I've hit my calorie limit for the day, sometimes I have to cheat with coffee or Hoodia (chews). Good luck!

                                                                                        1. find out exactly how much protein you need daily (dietician can help)

                                                                                          Laughing Cow 8% cheese triangles
                                                                                          small travel size can of tuna
                                                                                          2% cottage cheese with fruit and i love it with veggies and a hot sauce
                                                                                          2% milk
                                                                                          eggs (yolk included)
                                                                                          oatmeal made with milk
                                                                                          restrict fruit **** add veggies
                                                                                          NO NOT DRINK ANY FRUIT JUICE OR POP
                                                                                          EAT EVERY 2-3 HOURS
                                                                                          don't get hungry
                                                                                          & try not to eat in the evening
                                                                                          ps if you knit you can't eat! lol

                                                                                          1. Hi,

                                                                                            This is my first post to Chowhound. I Googled 'high protein low fat snacks' and this was the first thing to come up. It's just what I'm looking for!

                                                                                            I've been trying to assist my daughter, who is 30 years old and has Down Syndrome, to lose weight. She has lived on her own (with assistance from me and our DD agency) for five years and has steadily gained - just a few pounds over the first couple of years but a total of 30 in the last 2. She's 5 feet tall and now weighs 166.

                                                                                            She cooks her main meals with a wonderful woman from the agency and they seem nutritious to me - ground and whole, sliced turkey, chicken, fish, veggies sauted in olive oil spray. Sometimes she adds whole wheat pasta or brown rice. She snacks in the afternoon on cheese sticks, Yoplait, fruit or veg sticks, nuts, or whole grain crackers.

                                                                                            I'm stumped. She's seen a nutritionist, been tested for thyroid and diabetes - both negative. Her doctor said she just needs to eat less and exercise more. She already goes to fitness club 2x a week, does 1 hour of water aerobics and walks occasionally.

                                                                                            She tried Nutrisystem, lost quickly and then started gaining back after 3 months even though she was still on the system!

                                                                                            Now she's trying "No starches on Mon,Wed and Fri; add whole grains on Tues, Thurs and eat carefully on weekends" .She's lost 4 pounds in a month and is thrilled. I'm just not sure that's very healthy.

                                                                                            She moves slowly in the morning and in order to be on time for her ride to work she doesn't eat much breakfast; maybe a banana and a small yogurt cup. Her boss tells me that she's an occasional 'sneaky snacker' (a cookie from Subway, a candy bar from the convenience store next to her work, etc) so I'd like to have a mid-morning and an afternoon snack that makes her feel like she's getting a goodie but have it be high pro/low fat/low carb.

                                                                                            The posts here have been very helpful although I'm not sure that edamame and tofu will be considered a yummy snack!

                                                                                            A big Thank You and if you can offer any other thoughts I'd appreciate your suggestions.

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                                                                                            1. re: nhrteacha

                                                                                              Do you think she would eat a boiled egg for a snack? Very good protein, not very high cal...if she would buy omega-3 enriched, even better...and perhaps an individual can of low-sodium V-8 with it? I've been having low-sodium V-8 with a palm-full of walnuts or almonds in the a.m.'s at work if feel hungry...boy, REALLY makes me feel full. The nuts of course are not low-cal but offer so much good nutrition and healthy fats but don't know if you'd consider those. A nice addition is cinnamon, adds a sweet flavor but no sugar. Oh, how about an apple cut up with some natural nut butter on it....THAT's a very nice snack too. I believe her "no starch" approach on certain days is great and seems to be working for her!

                                                                                            2. So excited I found this thread! I too did a search for high protein snacks and came across this. :)
                                                                                              I use a fabulous protein/nutrional shake mix and make frozen 'pudding pops' from them. One shake makes 4 pudding pops (bought a popsicle mold from Walmart.) They are a great snack and you feel like you are really treating yourself! Good healthy protein, great for diabetics, and good nutrition packed into one. I also love hummus with veggies too. I've tried to make my own, but not good on combining things to make my own recipes. My hubby snacks on raw/unsalted almonds (watch portion size). Celery with natural peanut butter. I am now on a 90 day challenge to lower my body fat 5% so the more high protein/low fat snacks/recipes the better. The shakes have gotten me amazing results and will continue to use them for healthy meal replacements but dinner and snacks are still on the menu!
                                                                                              Thanks for all the great ideas!!!!

                                                                                              1. I dont think anyone has mentioned my favorite yet...slow roasted spiced chickpeas! I am addicted to nuts and these totally fill my craving, plus I can eat tons of them. There are many recipes out there but I just drain a can or chickpeas and really try to towel off as much liquid as possible. I put them on a cookie sheet and spice up with cumin, garlic powder etc...whatever spice combo you like. You can spritz with a little olive oil if youd like but I generally dont. Then I slow roast them at about 250. Ive seen some recipes cooking them at 350 but I find I tend to get a lot ofovercooked and many undercooked that way.

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                                                                                                1. re: MsLisaTM

                                                                                                  Sadly, they're not low calorie nor low carb. They are addictive, probably due to their very high % of calories from carbs. I used to be unable to stop eating them, too.

                                                                                                  1. I am on a high protein diet as well in order to gain more muscle. I have a huge sweet tooth and this is the one area that I struggle with the most so most of my snack options are of course on the sweeter side. I like to mix dannon 80 calorie Greek yogurt with jay Robb protein powder and half a tablespoon of cocoa powder. I either eat this right after being mixed or freeze it for about 30 minutes. I also like to make Jamie eason's chocolate protein bars, recipe at bodybuilding.com, or her pumpkin bars. Both of these options are under two hundred calories at least. Also, I like to keep quest protein bars on hand in case I don't have a more natural option on hand. They taste the most unartificial to me. I would recommend the cinnamon, cookie dough, and strawberry varieties. Also, for an alternative to peanut butter you might want to try pb2 it has a lot less calories than normal peanut butter, including a lot less fat.

                                                                                                    1. 1) Dark Chocolate (over 65 % cacao)
                                                                                                      2) Turkey Jerky
                                                                                                      3) Carrots dipped in balsamic
                                                                                                      4) Plain popped corn
                                                                                                      5) Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
                                                                                                      6) Smoked salmon/rice cracker
                                                                                                      7) Shrimp Cocktail
                                                                                                      8) Unsweetened Greek Yogurt with crushed nuts