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Cupertino Asian Wolf and Hometead?

There's a very large Asian complex in Cupertino. Chinese Food in the large market is marginal. Any other recommendations?


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  1. Go to Bamboo Palace on El Camino. If you come from the Asian complex (aka Cupterino Village) on Wolfe then turn right when you hit El Camino. This place is in a strip mall mixed with Indian and Korean stores. It serves very nice home cooked chinese food.

    Bamboo Palace
    (408) 737-3908
    1028 E El Camino Real
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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    1. the food inside ranch99 at the hot deli section will never be as good as a normal restaurant.

      alot of ppl like Joy Luck Place in that complex for dim sum.

      i have been to Bamboo Palace a few times also -- they have a good special menu, dishes for about $17 (don't recall exact price, but in that range)

      1. You can order 3 dishes for $17 from their special menu (that's dinner for me and my hubby). Individual rice plates or noodle plates are good as well for a reasonable price. They serve free home made soup if you order dinner (and dessert over weekends).

          1. Yes, Bamboo Palace opens for lunch and dinner but is closed on Monday.

            1. i gravitate toward southland taste for taiwanese pork chop rice and stinky tofu by default. it's not the normal 'glitzy chowhound fare' but a total dive.

              a&j restaurant is also a favorite of mine - their beef noodle (thick noodle) and pot stickers

              i hear the new korean place is good, and there's also super bowl the cleanest pho restaurant in town.

              1. I used to live in Cupertino and was back there this week for a few hours. One of my favorite places for Chinese chicken salad is the takeout place Golden Wok on the corner of Homestead and Stelling, a few blocks from Wolfe. It's just a small location with a takeout counter and no tables. I was astounded to see how rund down the place was with stacks of phone books, peeling paint, dirty windows and yellowing maps on the wall. I should have walked out, but I had come from so far I got an order of the ccs to go. It was still excellent, but I would think twice about returning.

                1. HC dumpling house for the loofah (silkie melon squash) and minced shrimp version of xiao long bao (XLB) that has superb flavor and broth. Some might like their regular version of XLB (called the Hu Chiang Tang Bao) but I found it a bit bland and uninteresting overall.
                  There might be other gems at this place but the loofah+shrimp tang bao are winners (and out of the box too for a XLB prep). Quite upscale and tidy looking interior.

                  Another rec for A&Js for arguably the best Taiwanese style beef noodle soup (or beef with tendon). The regular beef is a flank cut with cross strips of tendon in each piece, cooked for a long time so the whole thing is soft and tender (just like in Taiwan). You have to specify the regular version which is spicy, or the clear stewed version if spicy is not your thing. I'm also a huge fan of their marinated fried chicken and pork chops (over rice or noodle soup) that my non Chinese friend from the south also enjoyed some years ago (I suppose a Chinese version of soul food). Spotty to at times average service but people only go for the food.

                  If you like tapioca tea drinks, Fantasia is the golden standard in that complex and has the best tapioca balls for their drinks. Milk teas are quite strong and on the sweet side. Ten Ren's to go drink section in their tea store however, has the superior quailty tea (but average tapiocas).

                  Outside the complex on Wolfe a bit up is a dim sum restaurant that Melanie Wong reviewed before, and I think got decent marks by Jatbar. Was it Pan Tao?

                  1. I like going to the Joy Luck Place Noodle Cafe (next door to the regular restaurant) for HK style noodle soup or congee. I used to like the pearl tea at Fantasia, but now I much prefer Tapioca Express (west on Stevens Creek) - particularly their Taro Milk Tea.