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Feb 2, 2007 12:33 PM

il buco or the harrison?

trying to decide between these two for a large-group dinner. help! they both look so appealing!

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  1. Hey no doubt ... il Buco, best outhentic Italian resturant of the city (...I'm Italian) and great space, ask for the cellar space downstairs and see if it's large enough for your group. Also check out their products on sale on their little catalog, great olive oil and amazing vinegar...

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    1. re: unitalianoanewyork

      Not sure either is a great place for a large group, though as uiny mentioned, il Buco has a downstairs space that you can request.

      That being said, I find Il Buco to have mediocre service and overpriced dishes of small proportions. The food can be very tasty though.