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Feb 2, 2007 12:21 PM

Breakfast in Brooklyn Heights

I am looking for a recommendation for a weekday sit down breakfast in the Heights. I'm new to the area. Thanks

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  1. Teresa's on Montegue off Hicks. Inexpensive East European. Eggs, omelettes, blintzes, french toast.... nothing fancy (understatement).

    1. Try Tazza on Henry between State and Atlantic.

      It's a high-end coffee house with excellent breakfast options in the bread, baked goods, oatmeal area. (No choices really if you're looking for eggs, french toast, etc.) Way better food than any of the places on Montague.

      1. CLARK'S CORNER on the corner of Clark and Henry has a delicious breakfast. The usual, fresh squeezed OJ, eggs, omelets, great corned beef has, great home fries.

        TERESA'S has good breakfast choices, although not as flavorful as CC.

        1. Clark's has always been solid for breakfast. Good combo specials like two pancakes with eggs, bacon/ham/sausage, fresh OJ, coffee, etc. Even when it's packed on weekends it's a well oiled operation.

          1. Thanks everyone. I'll try them all before too long.