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Feb 2, 2007 12:15 PM

Grocery or Saul...which would you choose?

Looking for a place to go for a belated Valentine's dinner. I've eaten at both, a while back (before all of the hype). I recall everything being very good at both places, but for some reason Grocery stands out more in my mind as a better meal. Please share opinions, experiences, etc...Thanks!

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  1. I personally prefer Saul. Have had a cpl meals at Grocery and probably 5 at Saul. I think the kitchen puts out better food at Saul. I also think Grocery is too congested for a romantic meal. and the hassle to get a table there has always made my expectations for the meal too high and it always falls short.

    Convivium and Applewood would be two other excellent alternatives.

    1. Saul. Both have excellent food but Grocery is cramped and cold and loud and rushed. Saul is mellow and charming and lovely.

      I also agree that Convivium and Applewood would be excellent choices. Applewood even has a romantic fireplace. ;)

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        We definitely prefer Saul to Grocery. The kitchen turns out consistently excellent food with care and attention. I have had some good meals at Grocery, but it is a much more impersonal operation, in my opinion, with fewer truly high notes.

        Convivium is also fantastic. the downstairs wine cellar is very romantic and the food is quite good.

        1. re: MAH

          I've only been to Convivium once, and while I enjoyed the food (and had a wonderful Dolcetto), the service was awkwardly paced. We waited FOREVER between our appetizer and mains (at least 45 min) and again for our desserts. Also, we were seated at a table with some other people, which definitely hindered the romance factor. I wouldn't recommend this place for V-Day.

      2. We went to CONVIVIUM last year for Valentine's Day. It was a lovely meal, beautiful conceived and prepared. The only problem can be being seated with total strangers. Not fun on V Day.

        1. loved grocery all three times I have gone, will be trying saul next. although, I would say, if grocery stands out in your mind, then go there. personal preference is important in determining these things i think.

          1. We had dinner at Saul a week ago and were less than thrilled. It was very crowded and the noise level was high. The dishes were acceptable, but the portions were small, especially the scallops, and were overpriced . At almost $20 for appetizers, and $30 for main courses, I think they can do better.