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Feb 2, 2007 12:03 PM

"Good" Bento Box

I love Japanese food, but I'm not a huge fan of sushi.

I've noticed that most restaurants that serve Japanese food seem to gear their appeal towards sushi lovers.

But I'm looking for a restaurant that serves homestyle cooking.

What I mean is that the teriyaki tastes like it was made from scatch, and not the goopy stuff from the bottle. I like my tempura light, aka not coated heavily in either batter or fried with too much oil.

I also noticed most restaurants have their bento boxes for lunch and not dinner.

I'd like my bento to include rice, soup, maybe salad, a small roll of sushi and shumai or gyoza.

Price is not really an issue, but anything ringing in at less than $20 sounds good to me.

If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them!


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  1. Maybe you should go to a yakitori place like yakitori taisho. They brush teriyaki sauce on stuff and grill it. It's not bad. Their menu is fairly extensive too.

    You can try Tebaya too, they claim their sauce is homemade. There is almost no seating there though.

    They are known for their chicken wings which I found kind of dry. Their chicken kare age though, is possibly one of the greatest fried chicken meat experience I've had. It's relatively cheap too. around 6 bucks for a chicken kara age with rice, 9 bucks if you want wings n salad thrown in.

    Try the wings though, even really dry it's not too bad. I might have went on an off night.

    1. Try Donburi-ya - I think it is on 43rd or 45th st. near lex. Good sets and meal deals.

      1. Check out Chiyono on 6th St. between 1st/2nd Aves. The food is tasty while subtle. I love the fish entrees and the pork belly as an app. The prices are right around your range. And, the owner is extremely sweet.

        1. It's a little more expensive, but in my opinion the best Bento box is the lunch special at Geisha on 61st btwn Mad and Park. I think it's $29, though.

          1. Uminoie (86 E. 3rd St (between 1st and 2nd Aves)) is also a good spot in the East Village for some good, homestyle japanese cooking - one of their specialties is the goto udon (noodles from Goto island sent to the restaurant by one of the owner's parents) and they have a wonderful simmered pork belly dish. Pics and my full review are up on my blog: