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Feb 2, 2007 12:02 PM

is there any decent lunch near the wrigley building?

I work in the wrigley building on michigan ave and anyone who has ever been to chicago probably knows how horrible the lunch choices down there are. the nordstrom food court? yikes. the usual chain places? been there a million times.

I am yearning for decent spots. not extravagantly expensive (let's just say the limit is $20 per head). I love the james (their new three-course lunch menu is a great idea) and that sushi restaurant at the back of nordstroms but how often can you go there. zest, while quite nice, is not really an option more than once a week.

someone please save me. I am resorting to mc donalds and chipotle, for chrissakes!

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  1. Have you tried the Atwood Cafe on State? Nice place with decent food.

    1. Bandera, Sayat Nova, Volare, Coco Pazzo Cafe, Boston Blackie's, Oysy, Shaw's, India House. You are in a prime location for lunch!

      1. How about the student-run Backstreet Bistro at the Illinois Institute of Art on Wabash. It can't be more than four or five blocks. You can get an appetizer and entree for $20. Excellent food and you are served by culinary students who make every effort to keep you happy.

        1. Lawry's has a carving station set up in the bar with carved to order prime rib sandwiches. It's about three blocks from the Wrigley building. Several cuts of prime rib are also available.

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            Second the recommendation. Good value for the area, too.

          2. Ginza restaurant on 19 E Chicago has very good sushi in a very authentic setting. Also several excellent lunch specials for less than $10.00.