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Feb 2, 2007 11:50 AM

Looking for Recado in Denver

I don't really want to make my own. Anyone know a store that has recado balls? Be amazing if I could find it in NW part of metro.
End product will be Pollo Pibil(close to that, anyway).

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  1. Try this link for online grocer that has aciote paste,(recado rojo) I have used this one for cochinita pibil and it is a good one.

    1. Avanza

      S. Federal (at around Mississippi)


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      1. re: mike_in_denver

        No recado paste or balls at Avanza. They did have gnd achiote, so I got some to make the paste.
        I'll have to go to mexgrocer and get some, see how my homemade stacks up.


      2. Thank you both. There's an Avanza at 73rd and Pecos, I'll try there first. The MexGrocer link has a bunch of stuff I haven't been able to find readily around here.

        Thanks again