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Chenery Park -- Any thoughts?

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Heard this was a cute, affordable restaurant with good food. Any thoughts?

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  1. Had dinner there once. Food was good, as was service. Price is good for the quality you get. I would said dinner entree with a drink, tax and tip, would cost about $30 - $35 per person.

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      David Podger

      Only been there once for dinner but have friends who visit more frequently.
      Very neighborhood feel - sort of a Glen Park locals best kept secret. Good food & service, fairly priced. Busy bar scene.
      They used to have a "bring the kids" night, on Tuesdays I think, which might influence your choice of dinner.

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        They do still have the Tuesday kids night. I think the place is excellent and classy. They have a full bar--we had some great Sazeracs a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what the OP considers "affordable." It's too pricy for us to make it a frequent stop.

      2. It's a beautiful and comfortable room with good seating for the most part. Seating tends to be better upstairs, in my experience. The food is much better than a person would expect for the area and the price, and sometimes even better than that. The service is excellent, professional, and inconspicuous--(servers, bussers, bartender, and maitre d' hote).

        Their grilled salmon with tat soi and mashed potatoes is so good that I have to force myself to order something else each time I go. The lamb is also very good, and this is the only restaurant where I have ordered chicken breast more then once, mainly because the sides were so intriguing. I never order chicken in a restaurant, but theirs is surprisingly moist and delicious and the sides tend to be excellent.

        My husband likes the New York Sirloin steak, though I haven't had room to take a bite of it yet. I'm eagerly waiting to try their Sunday special brisket.

        They sometimes have excellent, moderately priced wines on their wine list. We were particularly fond of the Sketchbook Pinot Noir we had there a few years ago. I don't think it's available any longer, though.

        It's not a really fancy restaurant, but it's a dignified, white-tablecloth quality, neighborhood place. They serve good food with pride, treat their customers with respect, and I don't think you could go wrong eating there.


        Link: http://www.chenerypark.com/

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          I've had the brisket on Sunday, it was very good...and if they have pecan pie on the menu, don't miss it!

          I agree that service is excellent: always professional, as well as friendly.

        2. Affordable but a bit on the pricy side. The food is worth it though. Don't go on Tuesday unless you are bringing kids.

          1. I love Chenery Park. I've been going there for the last 3 years and have never been dissappointed. The food, drinks and service are great. If you like fried chicken, be sure to go on a Monday evening when that's the special. The atmosphere is very neighborhood/storefront, comfortable and a very nice understated decor. Totally professional gem of a place!

            1. Wow all positive remarks here. Mine are a bit more reserved. I've been to Chenery Park quite a few times, and the experiences have always been just all right (okay food for its prices). I would go to Firefly in a heartbeat, but it's much easier to get a table at Chenery Park.


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                If your last time at Chenery Park was more than a few months ago, give it another try and let us know what you think. I think it is heading uphill.

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                  Since NoeMan has added a recent comment, I have to amend mine: I did think it went uphill for awhile, and then perhaps slid back a bit...the service has remained excellent always, but I am not as sure about the food. Part of the problem is that prices seem to have inched up. After my last meal there I realized that I could have eaten at a lot of much better places (starting with the Chez Panisse Cafe!) for a comparable cost. (though I will admit that the bartender is so wonderful at Chenery Park that part of that is sometimes due to my tendency to drink a bit more than my normal amount when I dine there...fortunately it is walking distance from my home :-))

                  And the last time I had the pecan pie I wasn't as happy with the crust. The bread pudding, however, remains a gold standard, and is very highly recommended!

                  btw, as reported recently in the Chron, the owners are going to be opening a new place in the Castro in the fall (and revising the menu at Chenery Park). Alas, I think the plan is for the bartender to move over to GM at the new place (well, it does make me want to try the new place....and sorry, I've forgotten the planned name of the new opening, but will keep an eye out for it).

              2. We go frequently and love it.

                1. i went about a year ago. it was delicious and the service was attentive and friendly. one thing to note is then they had a family night (i think it was tuesday) and there were many children.

                  1. I go a few times a year because it is in my neighborhood and my dining companions and I are always left with the same feeling: nice people but mediocre food at fairly high prices. You can get much better food at about a million other places in SF in that price range. Why do I still go? Occassional laziness. I lament that we don't have a better selection in Glen Park. The food is so unmemorable that I can't even recall what I had there last time, 2 weeks ago.