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Feb 2, 2007 11:28 AM

Jamama Juices? Not kidding!

On W. 37th and 7th there is a new place "Jamama" Juices (and soups) or something like that with big "kosher" signs everywhere. I didn't see any teudah--any one know anything?

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  1. Any updates on this ? See if you can get a phone number...

    1. I was at that location yesterday. I went half a block in each direction from the intersection, and found nothing even remotely resembling this description. I have no idea what this person is talking about. I've never heard of "Jamama juices", and googling the term yields only this page.

      Could the OP have been thinking of Jamba Juice? There isn't one at 37th & 7th, but I think there is one at 27th & 7th (as well as at least a dozen other spots in NYC, and hundreds elsewhere in the USA); next time I'm down there I'll check for any signs making kashrut claims. Of course the plain juices should be kosher, and the brand of yoghurt they use might very well be kosher. They do offer to make smoothies with soy milk instead of yoghurt, so depending on the brand they use that might be kosher too. (It's all cold, and if they make it in a clean blender then I don't see the problem.)

      1. I've never seen anything suggesting that Jamba Juice was kosher. It is franchised, so it's possible a kosher franchisee would give that a whirl. FWIW, its website says, "All Jamba smoothies, juices and baked goods are lacto-ovo vegetarian," which should make it relatively easy to offer as kosher.

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          It also says that some items are vegan, and that the dairy items can be had vegan instead, by substituting soy milk for the yoghurt. And that they'll cater to allergies, etc., by varying recipes, using clean utensils, etc. So it ought to be reasonably simple to get something kosher there. It wouldn't be unreasonable for a store to advertise that fact, without the formality of certification.

        2. I passed this on Sunday. It was late and they were closed by it wasn't a Jamba Juice. It was "Jamama".

          I could not find a phone number.

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          1. re: typo lad

            Where, *exactly*, was this. Because I looked half a block in each direction from where KosherNY said he saw it, and couldn't see anything resembling this.

            1. re: zsero

              I was exhausted after a long day, and don't recall the exact local (except that it was close to the corner on 37th, on the North side of the street).

              I will make an effort to find it again when next in the area.

          2. I'm guessing they used "Jamama" on purpose so people would get confused with "Jamba." It was on the North side of the street; and it was just a small window with the sign inside. Closer to 8th than 7th iirc.