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for tonight: very calm and in walking distance of Washington Square Village?

We've had a very rough week and a friend wants to get us out of the house. We're looking for a dinner that would be calm and soothing. We want a context that is not frenetic. And it shouldn't be too upscale as we are not really in an emotional state to appreciate it. It would be nice to not have to go more than 15 minutes in any direction from Washington Square Village. Warm, comforting food would be good.

The ideal in my mind would be a Noho Star but without that place's boisterousness on a Friday night. Any ideas?


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  1. Don't know what your price point is, but Le Gigot, on Cornelia St., comes to mind.

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      Le Gigot can be cramped more than calm, though....very small place that fills up and feels claustrophobic to me. Food's ok, wine list mediocre to me.

      I'd actually recommend Friend of a Farmer, on Irving Place around 19th, for the fireplace. Food is good, nothing spectacular but fine, service is terrific

    2. North Square on Waverly fits the bill. Good food, quiet atmosphere. I especially like the halibut but there are lots of appealing choices.


      1. North Square. My recent dinner there was pretty mediocre, but it was definitely a quiet, comforting place and is off of Washington Square Park.

        1. Piadina on 10th and 6th is great and very low key. I highly recommend the rigatoni dish.

          1. Art'e on 9th Street between University and 5th. Quiet, Nice Atmospere with a working fireplace, great service and the food is solid. The Zabaglione prepared tableside is a treat! As the above poster recommended, Piadina is good also. I love the chicken cutlet there.
            Art'es menu is more tradional of the two.

            1. I am a big fan of North Square as well. Also, Chez Michallet isn't too far from there. Its on 90 Bedford Street, an absolutely beautiful corner of the West Village. I haven't been there in ages, but I remember it being nice, quiet (if cramped) and with good food.

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                Chez Michallet closed -- Little Owl is there now. The small room wouldn't be relaxing enough for what the OP has requested.

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                  Bummer. I was worried it had closed, so I checked online and its website is still active.

              2. Cafe Condessa on W.10 at 7th Ave. Get there earlyish because it's small.

                1. Alta on w10th near 6th ave might work... very delicious small plates; not too expensive, very good drinks. I've found that they let you linger here, and even when the restaurant is full, we are relaxed in our own little world. cash & amex only.

                  North Square will be quiet, the food is good.

                  1. I am underwhelmed by Alta. However my SO loves it and eats there often. I find the food average at best. It can be a scene there though.

                    1. Another vote for North Square

                      1. i'd say take a short cab ride to La Lunchonette (10th Ave, 18th St)...rarely crowded, cozy, not too pricey but yummy French food)...

                        Alternately, maybe the downstairs bar tables at Borgo Antico (13th St near Univ Place)...reasonably priced, low key and tasty Italian...

                        you can do better than Noho Star...*smiles*...

                        1. Corner Shop Cafe on Bleeker and Broadway.

                          1. Marquet on 12th between University and 5th. It is a lovely little naigborhood place, very homey feel and charming. I wondered in the other night by myself after a stressful day and it was great. Not pretentious or seceeny at all.

                            1. If you could get the front room, a.k.a. the Stamtisch Room, at Lederhosen (39 Grove), it might fit just right. The back room or bar would not be relaxing enough. But the Stamtisch, sitting on the couches in front, by the fake fire, having some decent beer and food, and even the wine is pretty good, would be relaxing and not expensive.

                              1. too late now, but blue ribbon bakery. ask for something downstairs.