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Feb 2, 2007 11:26 AM

for tonight: very calm and in walking distance of Washington Square Village?

We've had a very rough week and a friend wants to get us out of the house. We're looking for a dinner that would be calm and soothing. We want a context that is not frenetic. And it shouldn't be too upscale as we are not really in an emotional state to appreciate it. It would be nice to not have to go more than 15 minutes in any direction from Washington Square Village. Warm, comforting food would be good.

The ideal in my mind would be a Noho Star but without that place's boisterousness on a Friday night. Any ideas?


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  1. Don't know what your price point is, but Le Gigot, on Cornelia St., comes to mind.

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      Le Gigot can be cramped more than calm, though....very small place that fills up and feels claustrophobic to me. Food's ok, wine list mediocre to me.

      I'd actually recommend Friend of a Farmer, on Irving Place around 19th, for the fireplace. Food is good, nothing spectacular but fine, service is terrific

    2. North Square on Waverly fits the bill. Good food, quiet atmosphere. I especially like the halibut but there are lots of appealing choices.

      1. North Square. My recent dinner there was pretty mediocre, but it was definitely a quiet, comforting place and is off of Washington Square Park.

        1. Piadina on 10th and 6th is great and very low key. I highly recommend the rigatoni dish.

          1. Art'e on 9th Street between University and 5th. Quiet, Nice Atmospere with a working fireplace, great service and the food is solid. The Zabaglione prepared tableside is a treat! As the above poster recommended, Piadina is good also. I love the chicken cutlet there.
            Art'es menu is more tradional of the two.