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Feb 2, 2007 11:09 AM

korean-chinese restaurants in l.a. for noodles

hi all!
i've got a hankering for (a preemptive apology for the butchering of the spelling to come) jhah jhahng mein (fat noodles in a succulent black bean sauce) and xhahng pohng (hardy noodles in a spicy seafood broth). i've been to the ones @ the korean malls in k-town but there's gotta be better?

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  1. Dumpling House.
    5612 Rosemead Blvd
    Temple City, CA
    (626) 309-9918

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      I second this place. Great handmade noodles and good prices. Also try their scallion pancakes.

      1. re: WHills

        And the vegetable dumplings. A co-worker who's Chinese took me there a while back. It's where he goes for his jhah jhahng mein (to use your spelling). It's the ultimate comfort food there.

    2. the Little Dragon on Olympic, near Kingsley? there're two with the almost same name in the same area. This one is in the one-story orange/peach building. though they use too much msg, a lot of people agree that they have the best jja-jang-myun and jjamppong in LA. try their tang-soo-yook (sweet and sour pork/beef). they use the extra sticky rice for the batter and it's really addicting.

      1. young king at 3100 olympic is the best in koreatown for jjajjang myun and jjombbong. Its been around forever and quality has never gone down.

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        1. re: olivexjina

          young king is great, they have this beef that is great too, cant remember what its called might be just young king beef on the menu

        2. Jin Heung Gak (at the food court level fo the Ktown Galleria or on 8th near...Irolo?) and the Dragon (on Vermont near Olympic) apparently have pretty good versions.

          1. Does anyone know of a restaurant in SFV where I can get these noodle dishes other than the food courts at the Galleria and the mkt on White Oak?