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Feb 2, 2007 11:08 AM

Scottsdale restaurant feedback?

We will be heading out to Scottsdale this spring with elderly parents to visit our 30-something daughter. Could you provide some feedback on the following restaurants? Issues that need to be addressed are the noise factor and availability of "plain" food for the more conservative palate of the grandparents. Bandera, Rancho Pinot Grill, Village Tavern, Bloom, North, Roy's, Arcadia Farms. Do you have other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Whereabouts in Scottsdale? The city runs 25 miles from top to bottom, and sometimes restaurants in adjacent areas of Phoenix and Paradise Valley are a shorter drive than restaurants at the other end of Scottsdale.

    As for the restaurants mentioned above, I don't have recent experience with any of them, but I can suggest the El Chorro Lodge in Paradise Valley as a place that would appeal to the conservative grandparents while still having enough retro-chic charm to win over younger generations:

    Roaring Fork is more innovative, but would still be in the comfort zone for most diners:

    1. El Chorro Lodge is a great choice - classic Arizona. Roaring Fork is wonderful. Of your list, I'd say Village Tavern is a safe choice.

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        This place is for nearly deads. It has no atmosphere, its a waste of time

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          haha...I worked at village tavern for a few years, and I can say that indeed, 80% of the clientel are above at 65. THat doesn't mean the food isn't good, because it's very solid at the basics, it's just not very imaginative or "out there". There's absolutely no scene in the dining room(unless you want a scene similar to one found at the dining hall at an old folks' home), but the pizzas, burgers, and fish dishes are pretty solid. There is a lounge/bar area where the full menu is served during restaurant hours and they have a late-night menu as well. The crowd there is a bit younger, around the 30s-40s-50s age range. Good drinks! But head further south on Scottsdale road to old town if scene is what you're after.

      2. Village Tavern is always terrific.

        They have a call ahead so you won't need to wait long in high season.

        The fare is primarily American and the choices plentiful. From Salads, Pizzas,Burgers, seafood, pastas...steaks etc. Many of the Portions ie:Steak au Poivre, the Meatloaf and the Porkchop are large enough to share.

        They make an awesome juicy Burger...get it w/ a side of onion ribbons!

        The Village Tavern also offers a very nice Wine List....

        My Mother and her retiree friends eat there at least once a week.
        They have a great Happy Hour menu if you are seated in the bar before 6pm.

        1. Take a short drive north to Cave Creek and eat at Tonto at Rancho Manana. Creative American food with a Southwest accent.

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            And Tonto's house margarita is a real winner.

          2. I can speak on behalf of Roy's in the fact that they are pretty much the same throughout the concept. They have some pretty decent fish ( not spectacular, but good enough ) and usually good preparations. I've never really been disappointed with a meal at Roy's knowing that it's a chain and they do some nice fusions.

            I had lunch at Bloom this past week and although it wasn't great it still was worth trying. I will definitely head back when I'm in the area again. I would say that even though their menu is a little off the beaten path that they still have a grip on reality.

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              actually, my experience has been that all Roy's are not equal, and I have had quite different experiences at different ones. In fact, I went to the SF Roy's on the strength of a great experience at the one in North Scottsdale, and was very disappointed...

              but the one in North Scottsdale (and it is indeed waaayyyy out there: Scottsdale is a very big place as another poster says) was indeed very good, with accomodating service and fish that I would call much better than decent. They also have a full and surprisingly good sushi bar (something not all Roy's have). That said, the bar scene was quite active and the place is indeed loud.

              I'd recommend it for OP only if weather permits and you can get one of the very pleasant outdoor tables, which would be quieter, and if the parents like seafood. Otherwise, might be too noisy, and perhaps not 'plain' enough....

              1. re: susancinsf

                Sorry to disagree, but, I would say the Roy's in Scottsdale is in "Central" Scottsdale (Scottsdale Rd at Indian Bend Rd). I wouldn't even call it North Scottsdale. According to their website, there are three locations in the Phoenix area. Maybe you're thinking of Desert Ridge?


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                  Yes, I am thinking of Dessert Ridge: the one in the Marriott out there. That is where I've eaten, and the one that I liked. Didn't realize there was also one in 'Central' Scottsdale; my bad. Actually, I just realized that the Dessert Ridge is technically in Phoenix: I think of it as North Scottsdale because it isn't far off of Scottsdale Blvd; if you go way, way, way north....

                  So, yes, the Roy's in Scottsdale is central, not far out, which also means that outdoor tables at Scottsdale and Indian Bend, if they have them, probably wouldn't be as pleasant or quiet as out at Dessert Ridge (since you are right in town), but I wouldn't be surprised if there would still be a bar scene, and noise, so I'm thinking Roy's might not be the best choice....

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                    Do you raalize that Pinnacle Peak is the geographical center of Scottsdale, Indian Bend is mid town at best