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Feb 2, 2007 11:00 AM

day of massive eating indulgence

my friend and i would like to spend next saturday eating our way through manhattan. we aren't looking for massive several course meals at any 1 restaurant. rather the plan is to hit like 10 places and have lots of small things - hot chocolate from city bakery, a donut from the donut plant, a cannoli from rocco's, a slice of pizza from some place, etc. looking for specific chocolate chip cookie, pastries, breakfast sandwich, banh mi, pork buns, and dumpling recommendatinos. other recommendations of any can't miss food items also welcome! TIA!

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  1. Split a Katz's pastrami on rye between the two of you. It is glorious. And maybe something salmon-and-bagel-oriented from Russ & Daughters a block away.
    That's about as "can't miss NYC food items" as it gets, IMO.

    1. Have a bing at Roll & Dough on W.3rd just east of 6th Ave.; dumplings there are also worth a shot.

      1. Mandoo Bar for the kimchee mandoo (dumpling) would make a good stop at 32nd and 5th.

        1. Stop by Kalustyan's (Lexington and E28th). You can take-away from the refrigerator in the back on the first floor but I do believe they have a deli upstairs -- perhaps they can pack a pita pocket and you can eat-on-the-go. The babaganoush and tabouleh are my very favorites -- oh, and the spicy black olives... sublime! It's a wonderful place full of exotic spices, condiments, chow-stuff to delight the senses!

          Please post about your adventure!

          1. Chocolate chip cookie at Levain Bakery (74th off Amsterdam). You've never seen one like it.

            Steamed pork buns at Shanghai Cafe (Mott St.)

            Gelato at Il Laboratorio del Gelato (Orchard st.). I love the ricotta flavor.