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Feb 2, 2007 11:00 AM

Brunch in Union Square/Gramercy area?

need a suggestion for great saturday brunch in the union square/gramercy area?

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  1. Petite Abeille
    City Bakery

    1. If you're into comfort food, try Chat 'n Chew.

      1. Craftbar has a great brunch. I also really like Marquet on 12st between University and 5th. Great french toast!

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          1. re: realslowfood

            I was at Marquet the other night. I had dinner there and it was lovely. The mussels were supurb.

            1. re: maxine

              Thats wonderful...I ate there for years and then a couple of years ago I stopped by to find it closed down with directions to the little store front in Brooklyn on Smith ? St. I look forward to returning it was charming place with lovely madeleines

              1. re: realslowfood

                I wasn't sure if they were associated with the one in cobble hill, good to know. And yes, they are definately charming.

        1. Mesa Grill has the best and most underrated brunch.

          I also hear Blue Water Grill has a good brunch.

          1. Eleven Madison Park. Skip the mundane breakfast foods and have Chef Humm's fabulous cuisine.