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Brunch in Union Square/Gramercy area?

need a suggestion for great saturday brunch in the union square/gramercy area?

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  1. Petite Abeille
    City Bakery

    1. If you're into comfort food, try Chat 'n Chew.

      1. Craftbar has a great brunch. I also really like Marquet on 12st between University and 5th. Great french toast!

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            I was at Marquet the other night. I had dinner there and it was lovely. The mussels were supurb.

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              Thats wonderful...I ate there for years and then a couple of years ago I stopped by to find it closed down with directions to the little store front in Brooklyn on Smith ? St. I look forward to returning it was charming place with lovely madeleines

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                I wasn't sure if they were associated with the one in cobble hill, good to know. And yes, they are definately charming.

        1. Mesa Grill has the best and most underrated brunch.

          I also hear Blue Water Grill has a good brunch.

          1. Eleven Madison Park. Skip the mundane breakfast foods and have Chef Humm's fabulous cuisine.


            1. Try the bar at Union Square Cafe , Tavern area at Gramercy Tavern, Blue Water Grill. Chat n' Chew is glorified diner food. Fun, but it will leave you with that "gasping for water, I just ate a lot of processed junk" kinda feeling. City Bakery is casual and quick with a slew of fabulous hot chocolate options

              1. these are a little more on the high end: Pera, Urena, Tocqueville and Eleven Madison (i agree, skip the breakfast in favor of lunch). never tried Gramercy Tavern for brunch but i'd imagine it's good - didn't know they serve brunch!

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                  Presuming you are referring to the Greek restaurant on 20th St., that would be Parea. (Pera is the new Turkish spot near 41st St.)

                  Urena does not serve brunch. Lunch Mon.-Fri. Dinner Mon.-Sat. Closed Sunday.

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                    you're right, i meant Parea.

                    surprised to hear about Urena, I thought they did brunch - granted that was last spring so either it changed or i had it wrong. thanks

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                    Your right they don't have a brunch menu per se - I think of it as a state of mind rather than a set menu!

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                      What restaurant are you referring to?

                  3. Olives in the W Hotel at E 17 St. and Park Ave South. We were 6 and all loved it.

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                        I have to disagree. Brunch at Punch is fairly awful, service is poor and the room itself is blah.

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                          I love brunch at Punch! I think you had a bad day there. I have been many times and its always fantastic. I suggest you try it again and sit up front so you can watch the outside rather than the blah room.

                      2. Our favorite place for brunch is Mesa Grill...Total yumsville! The bread basket alone is worth the trip! Wonderful spicy Bloody Mary's as well...Can't go wrong here

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                          i agree. i really like mesa grill's brunch as well. the spicy chicken with sweet potato dish (something like that) was so unique and tasty.

                          i hear rosa mexicano's brunch is really good and in the same union sq/gramercy area.

                        2. for more casual brunches, i like petite abeille as well (the special bloody mary is one of the best i've had), mayrose on bway and 20th, l'express on pk. south. blue water has excellent brunch as well.

                          1. Blue Water Grill definitely!

                            1. If you don't mind the world's most expensive buffet, City Bakery is great.

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                                City Bakery is such an annoying place, and yes expensive. But I keep going back. The food is so good, one of the best places in the city. I tried their french toast the other day. Oh my God, amayzing!

                              2. The best place for brunch in the Union Square area is Friend of a Farmer. They don't take reservations so you may have to wait but in this cold, there might not be the usual line on weekends. It is classic comfort food.

                                1. City bakery is in fact delicious but very overpriced. friend of a farmer is amazing but so hectic and full that it can be very annoying.
                                  Personally i love Mayrose for a more relaxed, diner style brunch. The food is good and the service is friendly. I also love how open it is (huge windows) so its bright and airy.

                                  1. Go to Eleven Madison Park. The space is beautiful and the food sublime. The bread basket alone is worth the trip. You won't be disappointed.

                                    1. friend of a farmer in gramercy # 1! for the real brunch type of feel, like a homey eggs cooked and served in a hot skillet brunch!!!

                                      1. Blue Water Grill

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                                          Danal has a great environment and tasty French toast. Unimpressed with Friend of a Farmer - poor service and blah food.