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Feb 2, 2007 11:00 AM

Need Rec's near Dino, Cleveland Park

We are planning to have a b-day dinner tonight. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a reservation at Dino, so we'll probably just walk in and wait...are there any other comparable restaurants that are close to Dino? We need to be somewhere else after 9pm, so if the walk-in thing doesn't work, we'll need a back-up plan. Any ideas?

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  1. Well Palena at the bar if you can get in is great, there are a few irish bars around there with food barring on mediocrity. You can always walk down the hill to any of the places in Woodley Park.

    1. I've checked out Palena, but the price range is too high for us.

      Any other thoughts?

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        Not the same kind of food at ALL, but Spices is always good for a crowd. I'm not a fan of Sorriso though, I'd stay away from there unless you must have Italian in that neighborhood.

        1. re: Silvery

          The prices at the cafe in front are less than the formal dinner in the back. You should also look at Lavandou. I would think you could get reservations for 6:30 there or even at Dino, though later would be tough, it is Friday night after all.

        2. Indique, across Connecticut Ave. from Dino. might be too late for a group reservation but definitely worth a try

          1. The other places in Cleveland Park worth hitting (besides Dino): Palena, Indique, Ardeo, Lavandou. Lanvandou can be quite good, but is a little inconsistent. Ardeo is much more consistent, but is more expensive. I haven't eaten much at Bardeo, Ardeo's small-plates-and-wine spin-off, but the one time I ate there I didn't enjoy it as much as Ardeo itself. Indique is very tasty indian food with a contemporary feel. The other restaurants around there are much more hit and miss. Spices is pan-asian with an eclectic menu, including sometimes good, sometimes just fair sushi. It's a pretty good bet for a pre-movie bite with a group of people, but can get crowded. Nanny O'Brien's and Four Green Fields serve standard Irish fare (and not particularly exciting versions of it), Alero is a mediocre Mexican restaurant (but not a bad one). Yanni's puts out some pretty tasty souvlaki. If you like greek food, they aren't bad, but actual Greek people probably wouldn't be impressed.

            1. Get take-out from Indique or Spices and head over to Aroma- the atmosphere is relaxed and Krishna the bartender is awesome