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Feb 2, 2007 10:58 AM

Mexican Dinner Party for 50 -- suggestions, please

I'm trying to plan a Mexican dinner party for about 50 people and am stuck on where to do it. I want the food to be good, but I'd like the atmosphere to be pretty as well. I thought about Cafe Poca Cosa, but I don't think they allow parties quite that large. Anyone have suggestions. I'm hoping to stay nearish to the northeast side of town, but am flexible if there is something awesome out there that I have overlooked!

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  1. try padres. they have a great patio, i've done a few parties there. plus, the food is mexican, but its great fusion mexican. the owner, cole, is easy to work with. its phoenix, not scottsdale.

    1. Rancho de Tia Rosa in NE Mesa could probably handle that number - the setting is very pretty.

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        Sorry, didn't know you were talking about Tucson, my bad.

      2. El Charro Cafe is a great place to hold a party...they are very accomodating......
        Try the Carne Seca...

        1. You meant to specify Tucson, right? Always good to get this in the Topic.

          1. Tradiciones at the Ranch market on 16th and Roosevelt has a large conference type room I think they use for special occaisions and dinners.