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Feb 2, 2007 10:48 AM


Alright, I've always heard great things about this place, but I gotta say I was totally underwhelmed. The $22 "rack of lamb" is just two pieces with a pile of potatoes, and they weren't even prepared that well, although the sauce served with them was spectacular and mixed well with spuds. The lady ordered salmon and was just, uh, okay. Nothing outstanding at all. What's the hype for?

The waitress was super nice, though.

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  1. I don't think there has been "hype" for Fringale in years.

    I had a terrific meal there, though it was several years ago.

    1. i donwgraded this place from a good dinner spot to a lunch spot a couple years after a really poor steak. so sad.

      1. The place made its reputation when Gerald Hirigoyen was in the kitchen. He went on to start various other restaurants and sold his interest in 2004. He's is now owner and chef of Piperade and Bocadillos.

        1. I went to Fringale for Dine About Town last weekend. The restaurant is way overcrowded with people cramped up right next to you. The food was ok... no complaints, but no raving either. However, I did think the people were really warm and friendly and the service was good.