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Feb 2, 2007 10:47 AM

Moon Japanese at Highland and Santa Monica?

Just saw that a new Japanese restaurant, Moon, opened up in the minimall at Highland and Santa Monica. Anyone been yet? It's billing itself as "Authentic Japanese." Would love it if an izakaya opened up in my hood!

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  1. It's a cute little place (in a not-so-great location, next to the adult bookstore) with creative rolls and fresh sushi/sashimi. I'm not really a wacky roll person, but Moon's rolls are really really good.

    1. Hasn't this place (Northeast corner of intersection?) been several other izakaya-like places before?

      r gould-saltman

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        fka Sushi Ryo (Jun-san sold and opened Izayoi)
        fka Ita-Cho (for many years before moving to old Lumpy Gravy location on Beverly Blvd)

      2. I'd give the place 3 of 5 stars. It's okay, fresh, firm, good rice. But it's expensive (for sushi), in a lousy location (smelly, prostitutes), has small portions, and the quality is a bit uneven. By uneven, I mean that the Uni was too cold, the rice a little too warm, and the service while friendly and attentive, needed a little polish.

        I've been there twice (in the last two days). I'd recommend the "Oh my God" roll and the yellowtail (but of course that will vary by day).

        1. It's one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. If you can ignore the location, it's a great place. The fish is some of the freshest and tastiest I've had. The rolls are quite creative and the owner is constantly bringing in different kinds of fish that are in season. Excellent food.