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Your preferred Truffle Cheese is . . .

What truffle infused cheese do you most prefer?

My fav is Il Boschetto al Tartufo, a semisoft sheep/cow blend. Best eaten very thinly shaved and then melted on your tongue.

Haven't found any hard cheese with truffle that I have liked yet.

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  1. I like the Memoire - a rich, truffled Gouda. It's semi-firm and studded with truffles...yum! Also enjoy Sottoconere (sp?).

    1. My local cheese store has something called Ashes on the Roof... I think that's a translation of the Italian name. Oh my God, it's so dangerously yummy!

      1. If you're looking for a hard cheese with truffle, try the Italian sheep's milk cheese Pecorino Tartufo... It is just so infused with the truffle taste and aroma, that eating it is simply a lovely experience.

        I first had this at Artisanal Restaurant in New York, and you can order from their website:

        DiBruno Brothers in Philadelphia also stocks Pecorino Tartufo (I found it at the Chestnut St store near Rittenhouse Square while walking around Center City.


        I heartily recommend it... slice it up, let it sit out for an hour, and then enjoy!


        1. Perlagrigia, another ash-covered cow's milk cheese. Though I'm not too sure how it's different from Sotto Cenere--maybe it's not aged as long?

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            Although I am not enthusiastic about any "truffle" cheese, Perlagrigia is at least inoffensive. Several web references say "sotto cenere" just means "under ash" and that it is often used as an alias for Perlagrigia.

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              Yes, "sotto cenere" means "under ash" and "perla grigia" means "gray pearl" in Italian.

          2. sottocenere is my favorite, though i haven't had the pleasure of trying many kinds. whole foods carries a kind that has a dusting of cinammon, and i really didn't care for it (despite being a truffle FIEND).

            1. Trader Joe's Italian Truffle Cheese Rocks! Burgers on the grill. You will not believe it!!!!

              1. Brie de Meaux with black truffles

                1. Oh man! Truffle Tremor by Cypress Grove... there is a local bar that does a cheese bar for a set price, and they usually have truffle tremor -- I certainly get every penny of my money back! Amazing, and creamy and oh so truffly.

                  1. I'm partial to Moliterno al Tartufo, which is a firm Sardinian sheep's milk cheese infused with truffle paste.

                    I also enjoy Sottocenere. To clear up a question asked by gina over three years ago, it's not different from Perlagrigia--two names for the same cheese. It has a thickish grey rind that has been rubbed with sweet spices, including cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg and then covered in ash. There is a similar truffle cheese called Speziato al Tartufo, which, however, doesn't have the rind. The paste is rubbed with cinnamon and bits of truffle. The flavor is quite similar to Sottocenere, so if you like that one, you'll also likely enjoy Speziato.

                    I'm less enthusiastic about Truffle Tremor, even though it is basically a version of Humboldt Fog (which I love), with truffles, but without the center line of ash. I don't think that truffles meld as well with goat cheeses (perhaps the tang of the cheese clashes with the earthiness of the truffles?) as they do with cow's and sheep's milk cheeses. Just a personal opinion.

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                      In need of a hard cheese to take to a Calabrian-esque dinner last night, I found Moliterno al Tartufo at Oakland's Farmstead Cheese & Wine. From Sardinia, it was as close as I could get.

                      I was told that the black truffle paste is injected after the raw sheep's milk cheese has had some time on its own to age and develop. The thick lines of black truffles made for quite a dramatic presentation. No worries, the flavor of the black truffles infuses the entire paste and is stronger and more harmonious with the cheese than other types I've tried.

                      The aged sheep cheese itself is lovely. Flakey, buttery, intense, and with a kick of tangy bite in the aftertaste that keeps the impression from being cloying.