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Feb 2, 2007 10:40 AM

MSP American Pie???

Having just moved back to the twin cities from out west, I am in need for a fix I have gotten used to in the last ten years. Once a month I find a great place for banana cream pie, pick it up before all my errands for the day, then return home to enjoy a piece of heaven.

I live in south Minneapolis. Willing to drive. Any advice???

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  1. Here is a long drive but well worth the the trip, Whalen pie shop in Whalen MN. It's just off the bike trail in Lanesboro. Their pies are infamous in South East Minnesota.

    1. Hey Scotty, I'm quite eager to hear some recommendations for banana cream pie as well because I flip for it. The best I've found is quite a hike - but it's crazy good. Norske Nook near Rice Lake, Hayward, Wisconson.

      But, please folks, ANYTHING near the Twin Cites?

      1. Bye bye Miss American Pie...the day the music died. This thread title triggered and reminded me of the anniversary - Buddy Holly, JP Richardson (the Big Bopper) and Richie Valens.

        You could take a day trip to the North Shore north of Two Harbors and try Betty's Pies.

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          I heard they were opening a second Betty's Pies in Lino Lakes. I'm not sure what ever became of that.

          1. re: Chris Mitra

            I know they opened a second location in Duluth and it folded less than a year later.

          2. re: Davydd

            Betty's really went down hill in the 80s and early 90s. I used to drive by 2-3 times a week in the summer, but stopped going there. Perhaps they've picked up the quality again, but I sure wouldn't want to risk a day just for Betty's. (Not to say that there aren't other reasons to head up that way.)


            1. re: bob s

              I like the idea of Betty's pies better than the actual experience of Betty's pies, at least the one or two experiences I've had there. It wasn't awful by any means, it just wasn't as exceptional and homey as I imagined it might be.

              I didn't know it in the 80s or 90s, but, from the history they've printed on the menus, it seems maybe they've changed ownership a couple of times, so, maybe something was lost in transitions.

              Sadly, I don't have anything better to recommend, though. Key's Cafe (several locations throughout the Twin Cities, including one in Roseville at Lexington & Larpenteur and one in downtown St. Paul on Robert St.) usually has pretty good baked goods (I love the giant caramel rolls hot out of the oven). I haven't specifically noticed pies there, let alone any specific flavors of pies, but I will be on the lookout next time I'm there.


          3. The Seward Coop on Franklin does great banana cream and key lime pies. You can even buy just one piece to try it out.

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            1. re: shoo bee doo

              I keep seeing those pies and slices, but skip them every time. They're so convenient next to the obligatory milk...

            2. There's also a Norske Nook in Osseo (2 hour straight shot E on 94) but what about Turtle Bread? They usually have good pies, but I don't crave Banana Cream like you do. At least the location is good for you: 48th and Chicago Ave S.

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              1. re: dahlsk

                Turtle Bread has excellent baked goods. However, I've never seen a banana cream (or any cream) pie there. They usually have fruit pies.

                I don't really have any recommendations for the Twin Cities. The Norske Nook in Osseo makes a great banana cream ... heck of a round trip, though.