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Feb 2, 2007 10:30 AM

Zuni Chicken can it be served at room temp

Am preparing this for a small dinner party at someone else's home...thought I could cook it at my home (since the review say it smokes up your house) and transport it 10 minutes away...can it rest for about 45 minutes before being consumed??? Thanks

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  1. Yes. The chicken is best after resting a bit, though the skin will lose some crispness. It will be safe coasting for an hour or two. Are you serving it with the bread salad?

    1. Yes. Are you making the bread salad, too? If so, the salad will wilt more than it should. I'd add the dressing/sauce after I got it to the friend's house...if she/he has room in the kitchen for this task.

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        Thank you both! Yes, I am making the bread salad and thought I would toss it with the sauce and dressing after I got to the point of destination! Excited to try it!