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Feb 2, 2007 10:26 AM

Mellow, solo lunch in Studio City/NoHo area

Me and a good book want to sit down to a nice, relaxed lunch in the Studio City/NoHo area where we won't be overrun by boisterous business luncheoners etc. Definitely want a sit-down, table service kind of spot, though. Low to moderate price, food choices in the sandwich-salad fare range. Places I've frequented included Aroma on Tujunga, Chez Nous in Toluca Lake, and the Eclectic Cafe. Just had sushi yesterday so it's off my radar; trying to be health conscious, so nothing fried or carb-centric. Any suggestions?

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  1. All I know in Studio City that are good are Daily Grill, Gaucho Grill and Killer Shrimp.

    1. How about one of these:

      Leaf Cuisine 14318 Ventura S.O.- vegan/vege/kosher/organic
      Leonor's Mexican and Vegetarian Restaurant 12445 Moorpark Studio City 818-762-0660
      Star Wok -Chinese
      4444 Lankershim Blvd #101 NoHo Btwn Riverside Dr & Moorpark St
      or, the yummy - Skaf's Grill 6008 Laurel Canyon Blvd NoHo At Oxnard St 818-985-5701

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      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        Thanks, Kitchen Queen! I went to Skaf's and it was delish. Definitely going on my list of local favorites. Can't wait to go back for more of that yummy hummos and to try some different menu items.

        1. re: JacyFarrow

          Glad to be of help! Next time try Sanamluang Cafe -great, cheap Thai, on Sherman Way and Coldwater. Hubby and I go occasionally. Tonight was our night. We got soup, Pad See Ewe -fab flat noodles stirfried with choice of meat, and Thai salad.
          20$ with tea and a coke!

      2. How about Ca De Sole on Cahuenga? They have a nice outdoor patio. Nice for a good lunch, book and glass of wine

        1. I go to the Outtake Bistro a lot when I'm dining solo in that area. Good food, nice service, not too loud and crazy. It's a terrific spot.

          1. Kindof a random pick- but what about Daichan (Japanese Soul Food)? Fun decor, great, reliably good food.