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Feb 2, 2007 10:20 AM

Willowtree in Peabody?

Anybody have any experience with this place ? I've driven past hundreds of times. Wondering about the food and pricing?

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  1. jeez, i have not been to this place in YEARS. anything i could say now is probably irrelevant but from what i remember they did a really nice stuffed artichoke app and i seem to remember the menu being chicken-centric. i too drive by this place a lot and i can see that they still have the big round backed wicker chairs. if you do go, please post about it as i would be interested in trying it out again.

    1. I also have not been there in years and drive by almost every day. My last experience was not very good, but I would be interested in any recent reviews.

      1. And I'm another that hasn't visited in years. I recall they had "Chicken Grand Manier" on the menue that was very good. Let us know if you go.

        1. My family goes each year for Easter Dinner. I happen to enjoy the place. I, too, drove by for many, many years every day (Salem State commuter!) without ever having tried it. It's fun: the napkins are all different, as are the plates, silverware and stemware. but the food is fabulous. I highly reccomend the Bananas Foster, which they flambe tableside. it is samll inside, and you get personal service from the staff, which is a big plus. Pricing in middle of the road. (Not cheap, but not expensive). I have had several dishes there and have never had a complaint.