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Long Beach Reccomendations

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I'm meeting a good friend in Long Beach this weekend and since I'm not familiar with the Long Beach area I could use reccomendations. Not sure if we're doing lunch or dinner so I'm interested in suggestions for both.

For lunch I'm looking for a good view, good food and a good bloody mary. Casual is fine.

For dinner I'm thinking good wine, American, Italian or Seafood...

Is there a brewery in Long Beach?


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  1. I was just write the same topic. You beat me to it. I'm looking for a casual, fun, restuarant w/good food near the convention center for a group of 5. thanks so much for posting :)

    1. 555 East: pricey, but an amazing steak. Great wine and good scotch selection
      Lasher's: Ate ther Tuesday - Not impressive, but solid. Good wine selection and I had a good Cosmo, there.
      Frenchy's: Plan to make it here, as it comes highly recommended.

      1. There is a ROck Bottom Brewery in LB.... I'm not much of a beer drinker, so I've never been, tho.

        1. Good food, bar and a view: Tantalum in Marina Pacifica or McKenna's in Alamitos Bay. There's Belmont Brewery and Rockbottom Brewery (Belmont Pier and Ocean Blvd, respetviely) but imho neither is worth wasting a meal on. SoCalMuncher's recs for 555, Lasher's, and Frenchy's are perfect for what you've asked for for dinner.

          1. Regarding brewery options: The local branch of the Yardhouse (Shoreline Village) has beer and the food is probably better than the other two brewery suggestions, and there is a dockside view. Might make a good casual choice.

            There is a BJ's in Belmont Shore, good beer, bad food, no view.

            For seafood near the convention center you won't do better than Kings Pine Avenue Fish House. There is also a more casual cafe next door.

            Other restaurants which may or may not be listed in Zagats

            Lucille's BBQ (either branch)
            Johnny Reb's (the one in N. Long Beach)

            Wine/dinner suggestion:
            Delius by reservation only/prix-fixe, see their website for current menu, they also have a wine bar menu
            Sort of Italian, with good wine list: Cafe Piccolo
            Vietnamese: Benley

            I think Tantalum sounds better on paper than it is, but it does have a nice setting.

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              I always forget about Yardhouse. That's a good casual option, as suggested. Lucille's, otoh, is part of a small local chain. I have yet to be impressed by anything I've eaten there (LB or Torrance branches), either in quality or taste.

            2. Lucilles is related to Hofs Hut. Best greens in town.

              1. You are looking for the Belmont Brewing Company (BBC)


                Overlooks the Belmont Pier and water. Solid Microbeers, good menu. Wife dreams about the Tuscan Tomato Soup. Otherwise its a seafood, pasta, salads kind of place.

                Beers are always good to very good (brewed in house). The dozen or so times I have eaten there were mostly good. Service can be a bit teenage sometimes but the food has always been consistent. Dont fear outdoor when its a little chilly. Last time we went were were fine - stand up heaters, open pit fires and even blankets made it kind of fun - the porter helps as well.

                Otherwise Im a Frenchys, Christys, Cafe Gazelle Guy. All are solid for a "sure thing"