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Feb 2, 2007 09:55 AM

Long Beach Reccomendations

I'm meeting a good friend in Long Beach this weekend and since I'm not familiar with the Long Beach area I could use reccomendations. Not sure if we're doing lunch or dinner so I'm interested in suggestions for both.

For lunch I'm looking for a good view, good food and a good bloody mary. Casual is fine.

For dinner I'm thinking good wine, American, Italian or Seafood...

Is there a brewery in Long Beach?


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  1. I was just write the same topic. You beat me to it. I'm looking for a casual, fun, restuarant w/good food near the convention center for a group of 5. thanks so much for posting :)

    1. 555 East: pricey, but an amazing steak. Great wine and good scotch selection
      Lasher's: Ate ther Tuesday - Not impressive, but solid. Good wine selection and I had a good Cosmo, there.
      Frenchy's: Plan to make it here, as it comes highly recommended.

      1. There is a ROck Bottom Brewery in LB.... I'm not much of a beer drinker, so I've never been, tho.

        1. Good food, bar and a view: Tantalum in Marina Pacifica or McKenna's in Alamitos Bay. There's Belmont Brewery and Rockbottom Brewery (Belmont Pier and Ocean Blvd, respetviely) but imho neither is worth wasting a meal on. SoCalMuncher's recs for 555, Lasher's, and Frenchy's are perfect for what you've asked for for dinner.

          1. Regarding brewery options: The local branch of the Yardhouse (Shoreline Village) has beer and the food is probably better than the other two brewery suggestions, and there is a dockside view. Might make a good casual choice.

            There is a BJ's in Belmont Shore, good beer, bad food, no view.

            For seafood near the convention center you won't do better than Kings Pine Avenue Fish House. There is also a more casual cafe next door.

            Other restaurants which may or may not be listed in Zagats

            Lucille's BBQ (either branch)
            Johnny Reb's (the one in N. Long Beach)

            Wine/dinner suggestion:
            Delius by reservation only/prix-fixe, see their website for current menu, they also have a wine bar menu
            Sort of Italian, with good wine list: Cafe Piccolo
            Vietnamese: Benley

            I think Tantalum sounds better on paper than it is, but it does have a nice setting.

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              I always forget about Yardhouse. That's a good casual option, as suggested. Lucille's, otoh, is part of a small local chain. I have yet to be impressed by anything I've eaten there (LB or Torrance branches), either in quality or taste.