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Feb 2, 2007 09:53 AM

A Gourmet Basket/Meal for a New Mom?

How SF Chowhounds - I'm hoping you can help this LA Hounder out. An dear friend just gave birth to her second child and I want to send her and her family some great food. (They're chowhounders too and are probably trapped right now eating frozen food between feedings.) I was hoping I could send some food from one of those lovely establishments you have at the Ferry Building, but can't seem to recall if any deliver. (I was there once.) Or alternatively, is there a great gourmet cheese and meats and artisanal bread places that can put together a great basket? I want something excellent and special, not just food delivered. Thank you so much!

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  1. you can try the cheese shop on polk street, cowgirl creamery, they probably don't deliver, but i am sure you can get them to ship it to your friends

    1. Combine some Cowgirl Creamery goods with a custom Fatted Calf gift basket [they do them on request], add some nice bread or crackers you are set.

      1. In the e-mail flyer Cowgirl Creamery sent out yesterday, I was particularly in love with their "Winter Blues" gift basket - 3 different blue cheeses with blood orange syrup. Plate a cheese, pour the syrup over, get some bread or crackers or crostini, and you're in *heaven*.

        1. when we had a baby recently, my mother sent us some of the steaks from omaha steaks, the ones with bacon wrapped around them. they were great and very easy to toss in the oven. we lived on them during those first weeks. and of course, they ship everywhere

          1. When we recently had a baby we received a great gift, a gift certificate for a bunch of meals by personal chef Jane Peal. They're vegetarian, very delicious, big servings, available Mon, Wed & Fri -- and she delivers them to your door.