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Chocolate or cheese?

If you could only have either chocolate or cheese for the rest of your life -- in addition to all other foods, that is -- which would you pick? Any kinds of chocolate or any kinds of cheese ... just not both.

I love chocolate, but I think a life without cheese would be bleak, more so than a life without chocolate, I think.

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  1. this is probably the most difficult question you could ever ask me. ugh I guess I would have to give up Chocolate before cheese too. what a sad day that would be :(

    1. although I love cheese I would have to give it up for chocolate-better for my cholesterol,right?

      1. Cheese. I'm not a big fan of chocolate.

        1. Cheese, no contest. I could easily live w/out chocolate.

          1. Cheese........not even close. I could live easily without chocolate as well.

            1. easy, see ya later Chocolate.
              I could never give up cheese

              1. Easily cheese for me. I don't often crave chocolate. I only eat it if it's present and looks tempting. I do crave cheese though.

                1. As much as I like chocolate, I can't imagine a life without cheese! Triple creme French Brie, Camenbert, Goat - on & on!

                  1. Cheese. No matter how many variations of chocolate there are, you still won't find the diversity you have with cheese.

                    1. Cheese - we are mammals after all!

                      1. I live for cheese. Chocolate is nice, sure, but I could do without.

                        1. Chocolate! I've never liked cheese, but I adore chocolate.

                          1. My tombstone will read, "She loved a good cheese plate."

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                            1. I love chocolate, but the thought of no more cheese, is more than I could tolerate.

                              (furiously hoards Guittard bittersweet)

                              1. Chocolate for me.cholesterol lowering and blood pressure lowering and it takes so little of the really good stuf to satisfy

                                1. I love both chocolate and cheese, but if I had to choose, I would keep cheese. I can go for weeks without any chocolate but I rarely go a day without at least a nibble of cheese.

                                  1. Cheese please. Despite being a total chocolate hound.

                                    1. Cheese. I love chocolate, but cheese is in the top rank of foods.

                                      1. I'm with most chowhounders here - cheese it is. It is one of my top 3 favorite things all of time. There is nothing like a good aged guyere or gouda on a baguette with some garlic stuff olives, some proscuitto and some wine....it is one of life's small pleasures!

                                        1. Chocolate. I'd miss the cheese in omelets and in paninis or other melted cheese sandwiches, but otherwise I'm not a big cheese eater.

                                          1. Cheese. I can easily go without chocolate.

                                            1. hate to repeat sentiment, but CHEESE all the way. i do like the chocolate but i will routinely go completely out of my way in search of some special cheese. jesus, even right now im putting together my day trying to figure in visiting two new cheese shops...hehe.
                                              oh, and goat's milk all the way.

                                              1. I'm in the majority - I could never give up cheese. I can walk by a dessert tray with barely a glance but I can never pass up a cheese plate.

                                                Great question!

                                                1. Love cheese, but I could do without it since there are so many other savory foods that I love. Couldn't live without chocolate. To me, there is no substitute for chocolate.

                                                  1. I'd pick cheese. While I absolutely adore chocolate, there are other things that would semi-satisfy the sweet craving. But no cheese? No way.

                                                    1. Cheese hands down. I'm not much of a sweets or chocolate person, but even if I were I could NEVER give up cheese. From the good stuff to Kraft singles, it's one of my favorite foods.

                                                      1. I couldn't give up chocolate! I am not a cheese-eater. Daily I have a small piece of dark chocolate (my current favorites are Vosages bars), and it is one of my most savored moments. Chocolate as a sentiment abstracted means more to me than just a sweet treat. I have no such emotional attachment to cheese. (ha...)

                                                        1. I like chocolate and cheese equally, but I think I'd pick cheese just because of the kaleidoscopic range of flavors and textures. chocolate seems limited in scope in comparison to cheese, although I enjoy both chocolate and cheese immensely. :)

                                                          1. Chocolate all the way... I've never really liked cheese, and it doesn't like me either (I'm lactose-intolerant). While I'd miss the crispy cheese topping on cauliflower cheese, and quiche wouldn't be the same, I'm sure I'd live just fine without it. (For awhile I was on a dairy-free, sugar-free diet... I tried soy cheese and said EWWWWWW! and gave it up without a qualm, but I was absolutely overjoyed when I found a fructose-sweetened diabetic chocolate and added it to my pantry for the duration...)

                                                            1. Cheese. I love sweets, but chocolate is something I can only handle once in a while. I splurged and had a huge piece of chocolate cake tonight. I enjoyed it while I was eating it, but now I feel a little sick. With cheese, there is so much variety in terms of flavor and texture that it's not really a fair contest.

                                                              1. Cheese. A couple wedges of cheese with crackers and fruit, yum. If I ate the same amount of chocolate as cheese I would be sick. I always have cheese in the fridge and rarely have chocolate.

                                                                now if we do a chocolate fondue vs.cheese fondue...

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                                                                1. Cheese. There are so many dishes that require/or are enhanced by cheese that I eat on a daily basis. Whether its parm on my pasta or a hunk of goat gouda, I don't think I could last even a week without it.

                                                                  I love chocolate but I think a nice stout, coffee, or peanut butter could probably handle any cravings for it.

                                                                  A world without pizza or mac & cheese is unthinkable...

                                                                  1. No brainer: cheese. I prefer my savory food much more than my sweet ones and can think of nothing better than some cheese and bread as a perfect meal.

                                                                      1. I would definitely take cheese over chocolate.

                                                                        1. Let me put it this way. If my husband came home tomorrow, Valentine's Day, with a big box tied in a red ribbon in one hand, and a bottle of Veuev Clicquot in the other, there had better not be chocolate in that box!

                                                                          1. If I had to choose between chocolate and cheese, I think I'd have heart failure! I've pondered this question ever since the thread began, and I still can't make up my mind! I've even had a deep discussion about it with a friend. I'm totally undecided. I'll admit, I do lean toward cheese, but the thought of giving up chocolate would be totally unsettling.

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                                                                              Me, too. I gave up chocolate for a whole year once, and I've never tried to give up cheese; on the other hand, I'm restricting calories at the moment, and I'm managing to find more room in my calorie budget for chocolate than for cheese.

                                                                            2. cheese, cheese, cheese....see "my favorite comfort food"

                                                                              1. Chocolate. I'm pretty sure I eat more ounces of cheese than chocolate in the average week, but I could replace the cheese with other foods. Chocolate is 95% of the sweets that I eat (though the other 5% are all cheese based: cheesecake, tiramisu, cannoli), so if I gave up chocolate I wouldn't have the alternatives like I have with giving up cheese. But mostly, I can't give up the only food product so potent that just a 1/2 oz can transport me to a stress free, happy place even if I'm having the worst day.

                                                                                1. As much as I love cheese, and I really do, I'd take chocolate over cheese.