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Feb 2, 2007 09:47 AM

Birthday Lunch for my 21 year old sister in Seattle, need recs!

My sister's birthday is this weekend and I was able to fit myself in for lunch on Saturday in her newfound legally inebriating schedule! She likes her meals a bit refined, loves French cuisine. I have about a $40-60 budget for the two of us, any suggestions?

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    1. re: barleywino

      Whoops! Nope She's in Seattle . . . so good eating in and around Seattle would be great!

    2. French in Seattle - for lunch I'd do the classic Cafe Campagne at Pike Place market. There is its companion restaurant Campagne but the Cafe is a little more casual. See

      1. Le Pichet is just north of the market and is also very good.

        1. i second le pichet. has wonderful french bistro food, a lovely atmosphere, with attentive, yet non-smothering service. and...a great wine list. loved the salad with sardines, the brandade, the gratin lyonnais, and the escargot. flavorful, rich and fantastic!

          1. Place Pigalle in the Pike Place Market, or Chez Shea (very near if not actually in the Market also). The Pink Door is very nice too - but that may be more Italian if anything, but delish and a great girl spot.
            Let us know where you end up going and give a critique